Will There Be Andrew Garfield in No Way Home?

Will There Be Andrew Garfield in No Way Home?

Rumors have been circulating for months about the highly-anticipated film, Spider-Man: No Way Home. One of the most exciting speculations is the possible return of Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

Fans of the beloved actor are eager to see him reprise his role as the web-slinging hero. But is there any truth to these rumors?

The Multiverse Theory

Before we dive into the possibility of Andrew Garfield’s return, let’s first understand the concept of the multiverse. In the world of Marvel, a multiverse refers to multiple parallel universes that exist alongside each other. Each universe has its own version of characters and events.

With this understanding, it becomes easier to speculate about Garfield’s involvement in Spider-Man: No Way Home. The film is said to explore the idea of different universes colliding, which opens up exciting possibilities for crossovers between different versions of Spider-Man.

Evidence and Clues

Although no official confirmation has been made regarding Garfield’s appearance in No Way Home, there are some intriguing hints and evidence that suggest he may indeed make an appearance.

1. Leaked Set Photos

Several leaked set photos have circulated online showing what appears to be Andrew Garfield wearing a Spider-Man suit on set. While these photos could be easily manipulated or misinterpreted, they have fueled speculation among fans.

2. Cast and Crew Teasers

During various interviews and social media interactions, the cast and crew of Spider-Man: No Way Home have dropped hints that point towards a multiverse storyline. Tom Holland, who plays Peter Parker/Spider-Man, has mentioned working with actors he’s always looked up to, further fueling the speculation.

The Importance of Misdirection

It’s important to note that Marvel Studios is known for its secrecy and misdirection when it comes to their projects. They often intentionally spread rumors or provide misleading information to keep fans guessing. This adds an element of surprise and excitement when the truth is finally revealed.

So, while the evidence and clues may suggest Andrew Garfield’s involvement, it’s crucial to approach these rumors with caution and not jump to conclusions just yet.


The possibility of Andrew Garfield appearing in Spider-Man: No Way Home has sent fans into a frenzy. The concept of a multiverse opens up exciting opportunities for crossovers between different versions of Spider-Man. While there are hints and evidence pointing towards Garfield’s return, it’s essential to remember that Marvel Studios loves keeping fans on their toes.

Whether or not Andrew Garfield will be in No Way Home remains a mystery until the film hits theaters. Until then, let’s enjoy the speculation and anticipation as we wait for another thrilling chapter in the Spider-Man saga.