Why Is Emily Blunt Not in Sicario Day of Soldado?

Why Is Emily Blunt Not in Sicario Day of Soldado?

When the highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed film Sicario was announced, fans were excited to see the return of their favorite characters. However, one notable absence from the cast was Emily Blunt, who played the lead role in the first film.

This left many wondering why she was not part of Sicario Day of Soldado.

The Story Continues

Sicario Day of Soldado picks up where its predecessor left off, delving further into the dark and gritty world of drug cartels and government operatives. While Emily Blunt’s character, FBI agent Kate Macer, played a pivotal role in the first film, her story arc concluded at the end of Sicario.

A Shift in Focus

The decision to exclude Emily Blunt from Sicario Day of Soldado was a deliberate creative choice. The filmmakers wanted to take a different approach with this sequel by focusing on other characters and expanding the world established in the first film.

New Perspectives

Sicario Day of Soldado introduces two new main characters: Matt Graver (played by Josh Brolin) and Alejandro Gillick (played by Benicio Del Toro). These characters were already significant in Sicario but now take center stage in this sequel.

The story explores their complex relationship and their involvement in new missions against drug cartels.

A Standalone Storyline

While Sicario Day of Soldado is a direct continuation of the events from its predecessor, it also works as a standalone storyline. This allowed the filmmakers to explore new narrative directions without relying heavily on past plotlines or characters.

Emily Blunt’s Perspective

When asked about her absence from Sicario Day of Soldado, Emily Blunt expressed her understanding and support for the creative decisions made by the filmmakers. She mentioned that she thoroughly enjoyed working on the first film but felt that her character’s story was complete.

In an interview, Blunt mentioned that she believes the sequel will be just as compelling and intense as its predecessor, even without her character’s presence. She praised the performances of Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro, expressing her excitement to see their characters’ journeys unfold.


While fans may miss Emily Blunt’s presence in Sicario Day of Soldado, it is important to understand that this sequel aims to explore new perspectives and expand upon the world established in the first film. With a fresh focus on other characters and a standalone storyline, Sicario Day of Soldado promises to deliver an intense and gripping experience for audiences.