Why Did Leonardo DiCaprio Not Like Mark Wahlberg?

Why Did Leonardo DiCaprio Not Like Mark Wahlberg?

Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Wahlberg are both highly acclaimed actors in Hollywood. They have both delivered exceptional performances and have a significant fan base.

However, there has been speculation and rumors of a feud between the two stars. Let’s delve into the reasons why Leonardo DiCaprio did not like Mark Wahlberg.

The Basketball Diaries Controversy

One of the primary reasons for the alleged tension between DiCaprio and Wahlberg stems from their involvement in the movie “The Basketball Diaries.” In this 1995 film, Leonardo DiCaprio played the lead role while Mark Wahlberg had a supporting role.

Rumors suggest that during the filming of “The Basketball Diaries,” tensions arose between the two actors. Some reports claim that Wahlberg was jealous of DiCaprio’s rising fame and critical acclaim.

Others state that Wahlberg felt overshadowed by DiCaprio’s performance in the film.

The Departed Casting Decision

Another potential reason for the strained relationship is related to Martin Scorsese’s 2006 crime drama, “The Departed.” Both actors were considered for roles in this highly anticipated movie, but only Leonardo DiCaprio was ultimately cast.

It is believed that Wahlberg harbored resentment towards DiCaprio for being chosen over him. This decision might have fueled their alleged animosity towards each other.

Competing for Roles in Hollywood

In Hollywood, competition for roles can be intense, with actors vying for limited opportunities to showcase their talent. It is possible that Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Wahlberg found themselves competing head-to-head for similar roles, leading to a strained relationship.

Both actors have carved out successful careers and have often been considered for similar projects. The competition could have potentially created a sense of rivalry between them, resulting in their alleged dislike for each other.


While the exact reasons behind Leonardo DiCaprio’s alleged disliking of Mark Wahlberg may remain unknown, several factors contribute to the speculation. From on-set tensions during “The Basketball Diaries” to casting decisions in movies like “The Departed,” it seems that there might have been underlying professional rivalry between the two actors.

It is essential to remember that these rumors are based on speculation and have never been confirmed by either party. Ultimately, only Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Wahlberg truly know the truth behind their rumored dislike for each other.