Who Wrote Violent Crimes Kanye West?

Who Wrote Violent Crimes Kanye West?

When it comes to music, there is often curiosity surrounding the creative process behind our favorite songs. One such song that has sparked interest is “Violent Crimes” by Kanye West.

Released in 2018 as part of his album “Ye,” this track explores themes of fatherhood and personal growth. But who exactly wrote this thought-provoking piece?

The Songwriting Team

Behind the scenes, “Violent Crimes” was a collaborative effort between several talented individuals. The primary contributors to the song’s lyrics include Kanye West himself, along with a team of renowned songwriters.

Kanye West:

As an artist known for his candid and introspective lyrics, Kanye West played a significant role in crafting the words for “Violent Crimes.” His unique perspective and personal experiences undoubtedly shaped the song’s narrative.


American singer-songwriter Jeremih is also credited as a songwriter on “Violent Crimes.” Known for his smooth R&B vocals, Jeremih has collaborated with Kanye West on various projects in the past, adding his musical prowess to this emotional track.

The Impact of “Violent Crimes”

“Violent Crimes” delves into themes of fatherhood, addressing Kanye West’s fears and hopes for his daughter’s future. The poignant lyrics touch upon the societal pressures faced by women and emphasize the importance of protecting loved ones.

The song resonated with fans and critics alike, not only due to its introspective nature but also because of its vulnerable portrayal of fatherhood. It sparked discussions about gender roles, consent culture, and the responsibilities parents have in shaping their children’s lives.

An Engaging Narrative

One of the strengths of “Violent Crimes” lies in its ability to engage listeners through its compelling storytelling. The song starts with Kanye West expressing his worries about his daughter’s well-being:

“Father, forgive me, I’m scared of the karma
Cause now I see women as somethin’ to nurture, not somethin’ to conquer.”
– Kanye West, “Violent Crimes”

The lyrics continue to explore the complexities of fatherhood and the societal expectations placed on women. By incorporating personal anecdotes and societal commentary, Kanye West crafts a narrative that resonates with listeners on an emotional level.

A Sonically Pleasing Production

In addition to its lyrical content, “Violent Crimes” also stands out for its unique musical arrangement. The song features melodic piano chords and subtle percussion that create a contemplative atmosphere, allowing the lyrics to take center stage.

Throughout the track, Kanye West’s introspective lyrics are supported by gentle harmonies and layered vocals that add depth and emotion. These production choices further enhance the impact of the song’s message.

In Conclusion

“Violent Crimes” is a powerful piece of music that explores themes of fatherhood and societal expectations. It is a collaborative effort between Kanye West and Jeremih, showcasing their talent for crafting thought-provoking lyrics.

Through engaging storytelling and impactful production choices, “Violent Crimes” has left a lasting impression on listeners. It serves as a reminder of the power music has in addressing important social issues and sparking meaningful conversations.