Who Wrote Money Cardi B?

Cardi B’s hit single “Money” has become one of the most popular songs of her career. The song showcases her unique style and lyrical prowess, but who actually wrote the lyrics?

Let’s dive into the songwriting credits and uncover the story behind “Money. “

The Collaborators

Cardi B is known for her creative collaborations, and “Money” is no exception. The song was written by a team of talented individuals who brought their own unique perspectives to the project.

  • Belcalis Almanzar (Cardi B): Cardi B herself played a significant role in writing “Money.” Known for her honest and often explicit lyrics, Cardi B infuses her personal experiences and unapologetic attitude into her music. She has always been vocal about being involved in the songwriting process.
  • Jordan Thorpe (Boi-1da): Boi-1da, a renowned Canadian producer, worked closely with Cardi B on the production of “Money.”

    He is known for his work with several A-list artists and has contributed to numerous chart-topping hits.

  • Klenord Raphael (Shaft): Shaft, Cardi B’s former manager, also shares songwriting credits on “Money.” He played a vital role in shaping Cardi B’s career and was involved in many aspects of her music.
  • Jordan Thorpe (JWhiteDidIt): JWhiteDidIt is another producer who collaborated with Cardi B on “Money.” He has worked with various artists and played an integral part in creating the distinctive sound of the track.

The Creative Process

The process of creating “Money” involved collaboration, experimentation, and a shared vision among the songwriters and producers. Cardi B’s unique style and personality were key factors in shaping the song.

Cardi B’s involvement in the songwriting process allows her to express herself authentically. She draws inspiration from her own life experiences, which often include stories of her rise to fame, struggles she faced, and her unapologetic attitude towards success.

The producers involved in the project bring their expertise in crafting captivating beats and melodies that complement Cardi B’s lyrics. The combination of catchy hooks, hard-hitting production, and Cardi B’s confident delivery make “Money” an instant hit.

The Impact

“Money” was released as a single in October 2018 and quickly climbed the charts. The song received critical acclaim for its bold lyrics, infectious beat, and Cardi B’s charismatic performance.

The success of “Money” solidified Cardi B’s position as one of the leading female artists in hip-hop. It further showcased her ability to create commercially successful music without compromising her artistic integrity.

Aside from its commercial success, “Money” also became an anthem for empowerment. The lyrics resonate with listeners who appreciate Cardi B’s unapologetic approach to life and her determination to succeed against all odds.

In Conclusion

Cardi B played a significant role in writing “Money,” along with Boi-1da, Shaft, and JWhiteDidIt. The collaborative effort resulted in a powerful track that showcases Cardi B’s unique style and lyrical prowess.

“Money” not only became a chart-topping hit but also solidified Cardi B’s position as one of the most influential artists in hip-hop today. Through this song, Cardi B continues to inspire and empower her fans with her unapologetic attitude and undeniable talent.