Who Wrote I Like It Cardi B?

Cardi B’s hit song “I Like It” took the music industry by storm, but who wrote this catchy and empowering track? Let’s dive into the talented minds behind the creation of this chart-topping hit.

The Songwriters

Cardi B collaborated with a team of talented songwriters to bring “I Like It” to life. The main songwriters credited for this track are:

  • Belcalis Almanzar (Cardi B): As an artist, Cardi B is known for her fierce and unapologetic style. She actively participated in the songwriting process and infused her own unique personality into the lyrics.
  • Tainy: Marco Masis, professionally known as Tainy, is a Puerto Rican producer and songwriter. He has worked with various Latin artists and played a crucial role in shaping the sound of “I Like It. “
  • Jordan Thorpe (Boi-1da): Jordan Thorpe, also known as Boi-1da, is a Canadian record producer and songwriter.

    He has worked on numerous successful tracks for artists such as Drake, Rihanna, and Eminem.

  • Klenord Raphael (Klenord “Shaft” Raphael): Klenord Raphael, better known as Shaft, is Cardi B’s former manager and co-writer. He played a significant role in shaping her early career and contributed to the creation of “I Like It. “

The Inspiration

“I Like It” samples the iconic 1967 boogaloo hit “I Like It Like That” by Pete Rodriguez. The original song was immensely popular in Latino communities and served as an inspiration for Cardi B to create her own modern rendition.

With its infectious beat and vibrant lyrics, “I Like It” celebrates Latinx culture and highlights Cardi B’s Dominican roots. The song is a powerful anthem that embraces self-expression, confidence, and embracing one’s heritage.

The Production

Behind the scenes, a team of producers worked together to craft the sound of “I Like It.” These individuals played a crucial role in creating the infectious beats and captivating melodies that make the song so memorable.

  • Tainy: In addition to his songwriting contributions, Tainy also served as one of the producers for “I Like It.” His expertise in Latin music production helped infuse the track with its energetic and danceable vibe.
  • J. White Did It: Known for his work with artists like BeyoncĂ© and Megan Thee Stallion, producer J.

    White Did It also had a hand in shaping the sound of “I Like It.” His contribution added an extra layer of polish and finesse to the final product.

  • Invincible: Edgar Machuca, professionally known as Invincible, is another talented producer who worked on “I Like It.” His unique style and attention to detail contributed to the track’s overall sonic palette.

The Success

Upon its release in 2018, “I Like It” quickly became a massive hit. The song reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, making Cardi B the first female rapper to achieve multiple number-one singles on that chart.

The combination of Cardi B’s captivating lyrics, infectious beats, and vibrant production made “I Like It” an instant fan favorite. The song’s success helped solidify Cardi B’s position as a prominent figure in the music industry.

In Conclusion

It takes a team of talented individuals to create a hit song like “I Like It.” Cardi B, alongside songwriters Belcalis Almanzar, Tainy, Jordan Thorpe, and Klenord Raphael, brought their creative genius together to craft this empowering anthem. With its Latin-inspired beats and uplifting message, “I Like It” will continue to be a favorite for years to come.