Who Was Nicki Minaj in a Relationship With?

When it comes to Nicki Minaj’s love life, the rapper has had a few high-profile relationships that have garnered much attention from the media and her fans. Let’s take a closer look at some of the notable people she has been romantically linked with.

1. Safaree Samuels

Safaree Samuels was not only Nicki Minaj’s long-time boyfriend but also her former music collaborator. They were together for over a decade and were a power couple in the music industry. Safaree even served as Nicki’s hype man during her early career.

Their relationship was often kept private, but they occasionally made appearances together at events. Safaree was also known to show his support for Nicki by defending her in public disputes.

2. Meek Mill

Meek Mill, a prominent rapper, became Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend in 2015 after collaborating on several songs together. Their relationship quickly became highly publicized, with fans eagerly following their every move.

Nicki and Meek often expressed their love for each other on social media and in interviews. They shared cute pictures and videos of themselves, creating an image of a happy couple enjoying their time together.

Breakup Drama

  • Their relationship faced its fair share of controversies, including public feuds with other celebrities.
  • In 2016, Meek Mill released a diss track aimed at Drake, which sparked rumors of tension between him and Nicki.
  • Nicki Minaj confirmed their breakup on Twitter in January 2017, leaving fans shocked.

3. Nas

Nas, a legendary rapper, and Nicki Minaj sparked dating rumors in 2017 after they were spotted together at various events. The speculation intensified when Nicki posted a cozy picture with Nas on her Instagram.

Although they never confirmed their relationship officially, their fans were thrilled about the possibility of these two talented artists being a couple.

Their Split

In early 2018, rumors began circulating that Nas and Nicki had broken up. Neither party addressed the breakup publicly, leaving fans to speculate about what might have caused the split.

4. Kenneth Petty

Kenneth Petty is Nicki Minaj’s current husband. They started dating in late 2018 and tied the knot in October 2019. Their relationship faced criticism due to Kenneth’s controversial past.

Despite the controversies surrounding their relationship, Nicki has expressed her love for Kenneth publicly and defended him against critics.

Becoming Parents

In July 2020, Nicki announced that she was expecting her first child with Kenneth Petty. Fans celebrated the news with her, expressing their excitement for this new chapter in her life.

Nicki Minaj’s romantic relationships have been a subject of fascination for many years. As one of the most influential female rappers in history, she continues to capture attention both for her music and personal life.