Who Skated for Andrew Garfield?

Who Skated for Andrew Garfield?

Andrew Garfield, best known for his portrayal of Spider-Man in the recent film franchise, is not only a talented actor but also an avid skateboarder. Over the years, Garfield has been spotted skating at various locations around the world alongside some well-known skateboarders. Let’s take a closer look at some of the skaters who have joined Garfield on his skateboarding adventures.

Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk, arguably the most famous skateboarder of all time, has been seen skating with Andrew Garfield on multiple occasions. Hawk, known for his impressive tricks and groundbreaking career in skateboarding, has often praised Garfield’s skills on a board. The two have even participated in charity skate events together, showcasing their passion for both skateboarding and philanthropy.

Ryan Sheckler

Ryan Sheckler, another well-known skateboarder, has also had the opportunity to skate alongside Andrew Garfield. Sheckler, who gained fame as a child prodigy in skateboarding and went on to become a prominent figure in the sport, has shared videos and photos of himself and Garfield shredding it up at various skate parks around Los Angeles.


Born Paul Rodriguez Jr., P-Rod is a professional skateboarder who has not only skated with Andrew Garfield but also collaborated with him on several projects. P-Rod, known for his technical abilities and smooth style on a board, has been seen teaching Garfield new tricks and providing guidance as he progresses in his skateboarding journey.

Other Notable Skaters

In addition to these well-known skateboarders, Andrew Garfield has also been seen skating with other notable figures in the skateboarding community. Eric Koston, Leticia Bufoni, and Chris Joslin are just a few of the many skaters who have joined Garfield for skate sessions.

The Influence of Skating on Garfield’s Acting Career

Andrew Garfield’s love for skateboarding extends beyond his personal enjoyment of the sport. He has mentioned in interviews that skateboarding has had a significant impact on his acting career. The balance, focus, and determination required in skating have helped him develop similar skills in his craft as an actor.

  • Balance: Skateboarding requires excellent balance, and this physical skill has translated into Garfield’s ability to portray characters with a strong presence and stability on screen.
  • Focus: Skating demands concentration to perform tricks successfully, and this level of focus has helped Garfield immerse himself fully into the roles he plays, bringing authenticity to his performances.
  • Determination: Skateboarders often face challenges and setbacks while learning new tricks, and their determination to overcome these obstacles is mirrored in Garfield’s relentless pursuit of excellence in his acting career.

In conclusion, Andrew Garfield’s passion for skateboarding has not only allowed him to connect with fellow skateboarders but also influenced his approach to acting. From skating with legends like Tony Hawk to collaborating with professionals like P-Rod, Garfield’s dedication to both skateboarding and his craft is evident. As he continues to explore new projects on and off the skateboard, it will be exciting to see how these two passions intersect in the future.