Who Has Kanye West Dated Since Kim?

Since his highly publicized divorce from Kim Kardashian, Kanye West’s dating life has been a topic of great curiosity. The rapper and fashion mogul has a long history of high-profile relationships, and fans are always eager to know who he’s been romantically linked to. Let’s take a closer look at the women Kanye West has reportedly dated since his split from Kim.

1. Irina Shayk

Rumors about Kanye West dating Irina Shayk started swirling in early 2021 when they were spotted together in France for his birthday.

Irina Shayk is a Russian supermodel known for her work with major fashion brands like Versace and Victoria’s Secret. Although neither Kanye nor Irina confirmed their relationship, their public outings together sparked speculation.

2. Julia Fox

In July 2021, Kanye West was spotted with actress Julia Fox on multiple occasions, fueling rumors of a romantic relationship.

Julia Fox gained recognition for her role in the critically acclaimed film “Uncut Gems.” While the extent of their relationship remains unclear, it seems they enjoyed spending time together.

3. Jeffree Star?

One of the most controversial rumors surrounding Kanye West’s dating life after Kim involves beauty mogul Jeffree Star.

In early 2021, social media exploded with speculation that Kanye and Jeffree were an item. However, both parties vehemently denied these rumors, with Jeffree stating it was all baseless gossip.

4. Yasmin Wijnaldum

In September 2021, reports emerged that Kanye West was dating Dutch model Yasmin Wijnaldum.

Yasmin is an accomplished model who has walked the runway for renowned brands like Prada and Chanel. While neither party has confirmed their relationship publicly, sources close to them suggest they have been spending time together.

5. A Mystery Woman

In October 2021, Kanye West attended a basketball game with a mystery woman, sparking speculation about his dating life once again. The identity of this woman remains unknown, but the public’s curiosity continues to grow as they eagerly await any updates.


Since his split from Kim Kardashian, Kanye West has been linked to several women in the media. From rumored relationships with Irina Shayk and Julia Fox to controversial gossip about Jeffree Star, Kanye’s dating life has kept fans guessing. While some of these relationships remain unconfirmed, it’s clear that Kanye is navigating the world of romance following his high-profile divorce.

It’s important to note that celebrities’ personal lives are subject to constant speculation and rumors. As fans and observers, it’s essential to respect their privacy and remember that not everything reported in the media is necessarily true.