Who Does Nicki Minaj Diss in No Frauds?

Who Does Nicki Minaj Diss in No Frauds?

In her hit song “No Frauds,” Nicki Minaj doesn’t hold back when it comes to calling out her critics and rivals. The track, which features Drake and Lil Wayne, serves as a response to Remy Ma’s diss track “ShEther” and addresses several individuals who have crossed paths with the rap queen.

Remy Ma

One of the main Targets of Nicki Minaj’s disses in “No Frauds” is fellow rapper Remy Ma. The feud between these two female MCs gained widespread attention after Remy Ma released “ShEther,” a blistering diss track aimed directly at Nicki. In her response, Minaj not only defends herself but also takes shots at Remy Ma’s career and personal life.

Trey Songz

Nicki Minaj also takes aim at singer-songwriter Trey Songz in “No Frauds.” This diss stems from an incident where Trey Songz allegedly liked an Instagram post that criticized Nicki for not responding to Remy Ma’s diss track quickly enough. In the song, Minaj questions Songz’s loyalty and accuses him of being fake.

Lil Kim

Another rapper who receives a mention in “No Frauds” is Lil Kim. The longstanding feud between Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim has been ongoing for years, with both artists taking shots at each other through their music. In this track, Minaj asserts her dominance over Lil Kim by dismissing her as irrelevant.

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea, an Australian rapper who rose to fame around the same time as Nicki Minaj, is also Targeted in “No Frauds.” The two artists have had a rocky relationship in the past, with Minaj accusing Azalea of not writing her own lyrics. In this song, Minaj asserts her superiority and suggests that Azalea is merely copying her style.

Other Targets

In addition to the aforementioned individuals, Nicki Minaj also takes the opportunity to address her overall success and status as a female rapper in the industry. She dismisses anyone who has doubted her talent and questions their credibility.


“No Frauds” by Nicki Minaj serves as a direct response to her critics and rivals, particularly Remy Ma. However, it doesn’t stop there, as Minaj also takes aim at Trey Songz, Lil Kim, Iggy Azalea, and those who have doubted her capabilities. The song showcases Minaj’s ability to assert herself through clever wordplay and sharp disses while solidifying her position as one of the top female rappers in the game.