Who Does Cardi B Nails Now?

Who Does Cardi B Nails Now?

Cardi B, the Grammy award-winning rapper and fashion icon, is known for her extravagant style and attention to detail. From her bold fashion choices to her stunning nail art, Cardi B always manages to turn heads. But who exactly is responsible for creating these eye-catching nail designs?

The Nail Artist Behind Cardi B’s Iconic Nails

Cardi B’s nails are the brainchild of Jenny Bui, a talented nail artist based in New York City. Known as the “Queen of Bling,” Jenny Bui has been working with Cardi B for several years, creating unique and intricate designs that perfectly complement the rapper’s daring personality.

Jenny Bui

Bold and Daring Designs

Jenny Bui’s signature style involves using bold colors, intricate patterns, and plenty of bling to create show-stopping nail art. From long stiletto nails to bedazzled masterpieces, Jenny knows how to make a statement with every design.

One of Cardi B’s most memorable nail looks was at the 2018 Met Gala, where she sported a set of bejeweled nails adorned with miniature replicas of Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus.” The attention to detail and level of craftsmanship in Jenny’s work truly showcased her talent.

The Process

Crafting these incredible designs is no easy feat. Each set of nails created by Jenny requires meticulous planning and execution. Here is an insight into the process:

  • Consultation: Before starting the nail design, Jenny sits down with Cardi B to discuss ideas, themes, and color schemes. This ensures that the final design reflects Cardi B’s vision and personal style.
  • Preparation: Jenny starts by prepping Cardi B’s natural nails, ensuring they are clean and ready for the application of acrylic or gel extensions.
  • Design and Application: Using a combination of hand-painting techniques, nail art accessories, and Swarovski crystals, Jenny meticulously creates the desired design on each individual nail.
  • Finishing Touches: Once the design is complete, Jenny finishes off with a top coat to ensure longevity and shine.

The Impact of Cardi B’s Nails

Cardi B’s nails have become iconic in the world of fashion and beauty. Her bold choices have inspired countless nail artists and enthusiasts to experiment with their own designs. The influence of her nail art can be seen across social media platforms, red carpets, and even everyday street style.

The collaboration between Cardi B and Jenny Bui has not only elevated the rapper’s personal style but has also brought attention to the talent and creativity within the nail art industry.

In Conclusion

Jenny Bui is undoubtedly the mastermind behind Cardi B’s stunning nails. Her bold designs push boundaries and showcase her exceptional skill as a nail artist. With each new look she creates for Cardi B, Jenny continues to amaze us all with her creativity and attention to detail.

If you’re looking to make a statement with your own nails or simply admire incredible nail artistry, be sure to keep an eye on what Jenny Bui does next!