Who Does Andrew Garfield Fight in Amazing Spider-Man 2?

Who Does Andrew Garfield Fight in Amazing Spider-Man 2?

If you’re a fan of Andrew Garfield’s portrayal of Spider-Man, you’re probably curious about who he goes up against in the sequel, Amazing Spider-Man 2. In this action-packed film, our friendly neighborhood superhero faces off against a range of formidable foes.

The Green Goblin

One of the main villains in this movie is the iconic Green Goblin. Played by Dane DeHaan, the Green Goblin is the alter ego of Harry Osborn, Peter Parker’s childhood friend. The character’s transformation into this menacing villain adds an intense dynamic to the story as he becomes a formidable adversary for Spider-Man.

In their encounters, Spider-Man must use his incredible agility and web-slinging abilities to outmaneuver the Green Goblin’s attacks. The battles between these two characters are filled with high-flying action and intense confrontations that keep viewers on the edge of their seats.


Another major antagonist in Amazing Spider-Man 2 is Electro, portrayed by Jamie Foxx. Max Dillon, an electrical engineer who becomes Electro after a freak accident, poses a unique challenge for Spider-Man. With the ability to control electricity and manipulate technology, Electro proves to be a formidable opponent.

Spider-Man must rely on his quick thinking and resourcefulness to outsmart Electro’s electrically charged attacks. These battles showcase Garfield’s impressive physicality as he dodges bolts of lightning and uses his web-shooters creatively to gain the upper hand against this powerful enemy.


The final showdown in Amazing Spider-Man 2 features Rhino, played by Paul Giamatti. Unlike the previous two villains, Rhino is not as prominent throughout the film but provides an epic climax to the story. Rhino’s armored suit and powerful brute strength make him a challenging adversary for Spider-Man.

Garfield’s Spider-Man, armed with his quick reflexes and acrobatic moves, engages in an intense battle against Rhino. The action sequences involving Rhino showcase the superhero’s determination and unwavering spirit as he fights to protect the city from this rampaging villain.


In Amazing Spider-Man 2, Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man faces off against a trio of formidable foes – the Green Goblin, Electro, and Rhino. Each of these villains presents unique challenges that push our hero to his limits.

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