Who Did Leonardo DiCaprio Marry?

Leonardo DiCaprio, the renowned Hollywood actor, has always been a subject of immense curiosity when it comes to his personal life. Fans and media alike have often wondered about the romantic relationships he has had over the years. While DiCaprio has been linked with several high-profile celebrities, he has never married.

Rumors and High-profile Relationships

Throughout his career, Leonardo DiCaprio has been known for his charm and good looks, which have attracted many famous women. He has had a string of highly publicized relationships with some of the most beautiful and talented women in Hollywood.

One of his earliest high-profile relationships was with supermodel Gisele Bündchen. The couple dated from 2000 to 2005 and were often seen together at red carpet events. Their split was amicable, and they have remained friends since then.

Following his breakup with Bündchen, DiCaprio started dating Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli in 2005. Their relationship lasted on and off until 2011 when they finally separated for good. During this time, the couple was often spotted vacationing together and attending various social events.

The Oscar Win

It was in 2016 that Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his first Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in “The Revenant.” This momentous occasion brought even more attention to his personal life. Many fans wondered if this achievement would lead him down the aisle.

Current Relationship Status

Despite numerous rumors and speculations over the years, Leonardo DiCaprio remains unmarried as of now. However, he continues to be a sought-after bachelor in Hollywood circles.

DiCaprio’s most recent long-term relationship was with actress and model Camila Morrone. The couple has been dating since 2017 and frequently appears together at events. They have managed to keep their relationship relatively low-key compared to some of DiCaprio’s previous romances.

It is worth noting that DiCaprio has always been passionate about environmental activism and has used his fame to raise awareness about climate change. This dedication to a cause might be one of the reasons he has not settled down yet.


In conclusion, Leonardo DiCaprio, despite being one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors, has not yet found the person he wants to marry. Over the years, he has been involved in several high-profile relationships but remains unmarried as of now. While fans continue to speculate about his love life, it is clear that DiCaprio’s focus remains on his successful acting career and his commitment to important causes such as environmental conservation.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio has never been married.
  • He has had relationships with supermodel Gisele Bündchen and actress/model Bar Refaeli.
  • DiCaprio won his first Academy Award in 2016.
  • He is currently dating Camila Morrone.

Though Leonardo DiCaprio’s marital status might always be a topic of interest for fans, it is important to respect his choices and priorities outside of the spotlight.