Which Episode of Real Housewives Is Nicki Minaj In?

The Real Housewives franchise has become a cultural phenomenon, captivating viewers with its drama, luxury, and larger-than-life personalities. Over the years, the series has featured numerous celebrity guest appearances, including one from the legendary rapper Nicki Minaj. If you’re wondering which episode of Real Housewives Nicki Minaj appeared in, let’s dive into the details.

Real Housewives and Celebrity Guest Appearances

The Real Housewives franchise began in 2006 with The Real Housewives of Orange County and has since expanded to include cities like New York City, Atlanta, Beverly Hills, and more. The show follows the lives of affluent women as they navigate their personal lives, friendships, and business ventures.

Throughout its various iterations, the Real Housewives series has welcomed a slew of celebrity guests. From actors and musicians to athletes and entrepreneurs, these special appearances add an extra layer of excitement for fans. One such memorable guest was none other than Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Minaj’s Appearance on Real Housewives

Nicki Minaj made her highly anticipated cameo on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in Season 9. The episode titled “Diva Las Vegas” aired on May 28th, 2019.

  • Bold Text: This episode marked a significant moment for both Nicki Minaj fans and avid viewers of the show.
  • Bold Text: In this particular episode, the ladies of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills headed to Las Vegas for a lavish getaway filled with glitz and glamour.
  • Bold Text: As part of their trip, they attended one of Nicki Minaj’s iconic concerts at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

During the episode, viewers were treated to glimpses of Nicki Minaj’s electrifying stage presence and captivating performances. Her larger-than-life persona perfectly complemented the extravagant world of The Real Housewives, making for an unforgettable episode.

Impact of Nicki Minaj’s Appearance

Nicki Minaj’s guest appearance on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills generated considerable buzz and excitement among fans. It showcased the crossover appeal between reality television and music, bringing together two distinct but popular forms of entertainment.

The episode not only delighted Nicki Minaj’s dedicated fan base but also introduced her to a new audience who may not have been familiar with her music or persona. It served as a platform for her artistry and allowed viewers to witness her talent firsthand.


Nicki Minaj’s appearance on The Real Housewives franchise was a memorable moment in reality television history. Her cameo on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills added an extra spark to an already glamorous show, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating future celebrity guest appearances.

Incorporating celebrity guests like Nicki Minaj demonstrates the wide-reaching influence and appeal of the Real Housewives series. It continues to captivate audiences with its blend of luxury, drama, and surprise appearances, making it one of the most beloved reality TV franchises to date.