Which Crocs Does Nicki Minaj Have?

Crocs have made a major comeback in recent years, becoming a must-have fashion item for many celebrities and fashion enthusiasts. One celebrity who is known for her love of Crocs is none other than the iconic rapper, Nicki Minaj.

Fans have often wondered which Crocs Nicki Minaj owns and rocks with her unique style. Let’s dive into the world of Nicki Minaj’s Crocs collection and explore her favorite styles.

Classic Clogs:
The Classic Clogs are a staple in the Crocs collection, loved by all age groups. These clogs are known for their comfortable fit and distinctive design. Nicki Minaj has been spotted wearing these Classic Clogs on various occasions, adding her own flair to them with bold colors and eye-catching accessories.

Crocs LiteRide™:
Another popular style that Nicki Minaj is often seen wearing is the Crocs LiteRide™ collection. These shoes offer a sleeker and more modern look compared to the Classic Clogs.

With their innovative foam technology, LiteRide™ shoes provide superior comfort without compromising on style. Nicki Minaj has been seen rocking these LiteRide™ shoes in vibrant colors like neon pink and electric blue.

Crocs x Justin Bieber:

Nicki Minaj is known for collaborating with various artists and brands, so it’s no surprise that she also owns a pair from the Crocs x Justin Bieber collaboration. This limited edition collection features unique designs inspired by Justin Bieber’s personal style. With its streetwear influence, this collaboration brings a fresh twist to the classic Crocs Silhouette.

Crocs Jibbitz™ Charms:

One of the most exciting aspects of owning Crocs is personalizing them with Jibbitz™ charms. Jibbitz™ are small decorative accessories that can be attached to the holes on Crocs to add a touch of individuality. Nicki Minaj is often seen accessorizing her Crocs with an array of colorful and playful Jibbitz™ charms, ranging from cartoon characters to musical icons.

Crocs Sandals:
In addition to the Classic Clogs, Nicki Minaj also owns a few pairs of Crocs sandals. These sandals are perfect for warmer weather and provide a more open and breathable feel compared to the closed-toe clogs. With their comfortable footbed and adjustable straps, Crocs sandals are both practical and stylish.

  • Crocs Reviva™ Sandals
  • Crocs Sloane Slide


Nicki Minaj’s love for Crocs is evident through her diverse collection of styles. From the timeless Classic Clogs to the modern LiteRide™ collection, she embraces the comfort and versatility that Crocs offer.

The Crocs x Justin Bieber collaboration showcases her sense of fashion-forwardness, while Jibbitz™ charms allow her to personalize her Crocs according to her unique personality. Whether she’s rocking a pair of Classic Clogs or showing off her sandal game, Nicki Minaj proves that Crocs can be both fashionable and fun.

So if you’re looking to channel your inner Nicki Minaj and add some flair to your wardrobe, consider investing in a pair of these iconic shoes. With their wide range of styles and customization options, there’s a perfect pair of Crocs out there for everyone!