Where Was Passengers With Anne Hathaway Filmed?

Passengers is a science fiction film starring Anne Hathaway and Chris Pratt. The movie takes place in a futuristic spacecraft traveling to a distant colony planet.

Many viewers wonder where this captivating film was filmed. Let’s dive into the locations that were used to bring Passengers to life.

Filming Locations

Passengers was primarily filmed in two stunning locations: Atlanta, Georgia, and the soundstages of Pinewood Studios in Atlanta.

Atlanta, Georgia

A significant portion of the movie was shot on location in Atlanta. This bustling city provided the perfect backdrop for many of the film’s exterior scenes.

The futuristic aesthetic of the cityscape seamlessly blended with the sci-fi theme of Passengers.

The filmmakers took advantage of various iconic landmarks and modern architecture throughout Atlanta. One notable location is the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel, which served as the exterior of one of the main characters’ residences in the film.

Pinewood Studios, Atlanta

In addition to filming on location, Passengers also utilized the state-of-the-art facilities at Pinewood Studios in Atlanta. These soundstages provided a controlled environment for filming intricate interior scenes and allowed for more creative freedom during production.

The talented production design team at Pinewood Studios meticulously crafted stunning sets that brought the spacecraft and other futuristic elements to life. From luxurious cabins to high-tech control rooms, these sets added depth and authenticity to the world depicted in Passengers.


Passengers with Anne Hathaway was filmed primarily in Atlanta, Georgia, both on location and at Pinewood Studios. The combination of real-world cityscapes and expertly designed sets contributed to creating an immersive and visually stunning sci-fi experience.

Whether it was the futuristic architecture of Atlanta or the intricately crafted interior sets at Pinewood Studios, the filming locations played a crucial role in bringing Passengers to life on the big screen. So, next time you watch this captivating film, remember the real-world places that helped transport you to a distant future!