Where in New York Does Anne Hathaway Live?

Anne Hathaway, the talented Hollywood actress, is known for her exceptional performances in movies like The Devil Wears Prada and Les Misérables. As a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, it’s natural for fans to wonder where she resides when she’s not on the silver screen. In this article, we will explore the question – Where in New York does Anne Hathaway live?

While celebrities often prefer to keep their personal lives private, some details about Anne Hathaway’s living arrangements have been made public. She is known to have a residence in Brooklyn, one of the five boroughs of New York City.

Brooklyn Heights – A Charming Neighborhood

Anne Hathaway’s home is located in Brooklyn Heights, a neighborhood known for its historic charm and picturesque views. Situated along the East River, this area offers stunning vistas of downtown Manhattan and the iconic Brooklyn Bridge.

Brooklyn Heights boasts tree-lined streets, elegant brownstones, and a vibrant community atmosphere. It has become a popular choice for artists, writers, and celebrities seeking a peaceful retreat from the bustling city while still being just a stone’s throw away from Manhattan.

The Mansion on Pierrepont Street

Although specific details about Anne Hathaway’s exact address are not readily available to the public for privacy reasons, it is rumored that she owns an exquisite mansion on Pierrepont Street. This stunning property showcases both historical charm and modern luxury.

The mansion on Pierrepont Street is renowned for its grandeur and impeccable architecture. With its spacious rooms, high ceilings, and beautiful garden, it provides an ideal sanctuary for Anne Hathaway amidst her busy schedule.

A Haven Away from Paparazzi

Living in Brooklyn Heights allows Anne Hathaway to enjoy a sense of tranquility away from the prying eyes of paparazzi. The neighborhood’s low-key vibe and residential atmosphere provide a peaceful environment for her and her family.

Furthermore, Brooklyn Heights offers a range of amenities and conveniences. Its proximity to Manhattan allows for easy access to cultural attractions, fine dining, and shopping, while still providing a calmer living experience.


While Anne Hathaway’s exact address in Brooklyn remains undisclosed, it is well-known that she resides in the charming neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights. Here, amidst the historic brownstones and scenic views, she has found a haven away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood.

Brooklyn Heights offers Anne Hathaway the perfect balance between privacy and access to the vibrant city life. With its picturesque streets and community atmosphere, it’s no wonder why this neighborhood has become a popular choice for celebrities seeking refuge in New York City.