Where Does Leonardo DiCaprio Go to in Before the Flood?

Where Does Leonardo DiCaprio Go to in Before the Flood?

Leonardo DiCaprio is not just a talented actor but also a dedicated environmental activist. His passion for tackling climate change is evident in the documentary film, “Before the Flood,” where he serves as a narrator and explores various locations around the world that have been affected by global warming.

The Arctic

One of the first places DiCaprio visits is the Arctic, where he witnesses firsthand the melting ice caps and receding glaciers. This alarming phenomenon not only threatens the delicate ecosystem of this region but also contributes to rising sea levels worldwide.

The Amazon Rainforest

In his journey, DiCaprio also travels to the Amazon rainforest, a biodiversity hotspot that plays a critical role in regulating our planet’s climate. The film highlights deforestation as one of the major factors contributing to carbon emissions and emphasizes the importance of preserving this vital ecosystem.


DiCaprio’s exploration takes him to India, a country grappling with severe air pollution issues. The film sheds light on India’s heavy reliance on coal and its detrimental impact on local communities’ health and well-being. It also showcases inspiring initiatives aimed at transitioning to cleaner energy sources.

The Pacific Islands

“Before the Flood” highlights how rising sea levels pose an existential threat to low-lying Pacific Islands such as Tuvalu and Kiribati. DiCaprio meets with locals who are already experiencing the devastating consequences of climate change and advocates for urgent action to mitigate further damage.

The United States

In his quest for solutions, DiCaprio returns home to explore renewable energy projects across America. From solar farms in Nevada to wind turbines in Iowa, the film showcases innovative approaches to reducing carbon emissions and promoting a sustainable future.

United Nations Headquarters

As a UN Messenger of Peace on Climate Change, DiCaprio visits the United Nations Headquarters in New York. He delivers a powerful speech urging world leaders to take immediate action to combat climate change and emphasizes the importance of global cooperation in this endeavor.


“Before the Flood” takes viewers on a captivating journey with Leonardo DiCaprio as he explores various locations impacted by climate change. Through his travels, we gain a deeper understanding of the urgency and complexity of the issue. The film serves as a call to action, inspiring individuals and policymakers alike to work towards a sustainable future for our planet.