Where Did Zendaya Go to School?

Zendaya, the talented actress, singer, and fashion icon, has captivated audiences worldwide with her incredible talent and stunning beauty. Many fans are curious about her background and wonder: where did Zendaya go to school?

Early Life and Education

Born on September 1, 1996, in Oakland, California, Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman had a passion for performing from a young age. She attended the Oakland School for the Arts (OSA), a public charter school that offers specialized programs in various artistic disciplines.

Fun Fact: Zendaya’s mother was actually one of the teachers at OSA!

Achievements at OSA

During her time at OSA, Zendaya honed her skills in acting, singing, and dancing. She participated in numerous school plays and musicals, impressing both teachers and classmates with her natural talent.

Rising Star

Zendaya’s breakout moment came when she auditioned for the Disney Channel series “Shake It Up” in 2010. Her performance as Rocky Blue earned her widespread recognition and paved the way for her successful career.

Continuing Education

Despite her early success as an actress, Zendaya understands the importance of education. After completing high school, she enrolled at the prestigious University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

Maintaining Balance

Zendaya’s decision to attend UCLA while juggling a thriving career demonstrates her dedication to personal growth and development. Balancing academic commitments with professional responsibilities can be challenging, but Zendaya continues to excel in both realms.

Inspiring Others

Zendaya’s commitment to education serves as an inspiration to her fans, encouraging them to prioritize their studies and pursue their dreams simultaneously.


So, where did Zendaya go to school? She attended the Oakland School for the Arts during her formative years and later pursued higher education at the University of California Los Angeles. Zendaya’s educational background showcases her dedication to learning and personal growth, proving that with passion and determination, one can achieve extraordinary success in both academics and the entertainment industry.

Whether she’s gracing the red carpet with her stunning fashion choices or delivering powerful performances on screen, Zendaya continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Her journey from a talented student at OSA to a Hollywood A-lister is nothing short of remarkable.

Remember: Education is a lifelong journey, and Zendaya’s story serves as a reminder that learning should never take a backseat, no matter how successful one becomes.