Where Did Leonardo DiCaprio Visit in Before the Flood?

Leonardo DiCaprio’s documentary, “Before the Flood,” takes us on a journey to explore the devastating impacts of climate change. Throughout the film, DiCaprio visits various locations around the world to witness firsthand the consequences of our actions on the environment. Let’s take a closer look at some of the places he visited:

The Great Barrier Reef

One of the first places DiCaprio visits in “Before the Flood” is Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. This natural wonder is known for its breathtaking beauty and abundant marine life. However, due to rising water temperatures and ocean acidification caused by climate change, this fragile ecosystem is under severe threat.


The bleaching of coral reefs has become a significant concern in recent years. As temperatures rise, corals expel algae living in their tissues, causing them to turn white and ultimately die. The loss of coral reefs not only affects marine biodiversity but also disrupts local economies that rely on tourism.

The Indonesian Rainforest

Next on DiCaprio’s journey is Indonesia, where he witnesses large-scale deforestation taking place in the country’s rainforests. These forests are being cleared to make way for palm oil plantations and other agricultural activities.


Deforestation contributes to greenhouse gas emissions while also destroying crucial habitats for numerous species, including orangutans and tigers. It also leads to soil erosion, loss of biodiversity, and increased vulnerability to flooding.


DiCaprio then travels to China, one of the world’s largest carbon emitters. He explores heavily polluted cities such as Beijing and meets with environmental activists who are working towards cleaner energy solutions.


China’s rapid industrialization has resulted in severe air pollution problems, leading to increased health risks for its citizens. The country’s reliance on coal for energy production is a significant contributor to global carbon emissions.

The Arctic

In his quest to understand the effects of climate change, DiCaprio ventures to the Arctic. He witnesses melting glaciers and shrinking sea ice, highlighting the alarming rate at which this region is warming.


The melting of Arctic ice not only leads to rising sea levels but also affects the habitat of various species, including polar bears and seals. Additionally, the loss of reflective ice surfaces accelerates global warming as it reduces the Earth’s ability to reflect sunlight back into space.

The United Nations

As a United Nations Messenger of Peace on Climate Change, DiCaprio visits the organization’s headquarters in New York City. Here, he delivers a powerful speech urging world leaders to take immediate action against climate change.


DiCaprio’s involvement with the United Nations highlights the importance of international cooperation in addressing climate change. This visit emphasizes that solving this global crisis requires collective efforts from governments, organizations, and individuals alike.

In “Before the Flood,” Leonardo DiCaprio’s travels take us on a thought-provoking journey across different corners of the world. His encounters with environmental degradation underscore the urgent need for climate action in order to protect our planet and secure a sustainable future for generations to come.

Through his documentary and activism, DiCaprio encourages viewers to take responsibility and make positive changes in their own lives. Let us all join hands in fighting against climate change before it’s too late.