When Did Zendaya Wear Dreads?

Zendaya, the talented actress and fashion icon, has always been known for her bold and unique style choices. One of her most memorable looks was when she rocked dreadlocks on the red carpet. Let’s take a closer look at when Zendaya wore dreads and the impact it had on the fashion industry.

The Oscars Controversy

In 2015, Zendaya attended the Oscars and made a powerful statement by wearing dreadlocks with her elegant gown. This choice sparked a controversy that brought attention to cultural appropriation and racism in the entertainment industry.

While many praised Zendaya for embracing her natural hair and showcasing a different hairstyle on such a prestigious platform, others criticized her for appropriating black culture. This incident prompted an important discussion about respect, representation, and diversity in Hollywood.

Zendaya’s Response

Zendaya is no stranger to standing up for what she believes in. In response to the backlash she received for wearing dreads at the Oscars, she took to social media to address the issue directly.

She posted a heartfelt message explaining that her choice of hairstyle was not meant to offend anyone but rather celebrate black beauty and challenge societal norms. Zendaya emphasized that hairstyles like dreadlocks have deep cultural significance and should be appreciated rather than appropriated.

“There is already harsh criticism of African American hair in society without the help of ignorant people who choose to judge others based on the curl of their hair.”

A Fashion Icon

Beyond making a statement at the Oscars, Zendaya has continued to push boundaries with her fashion choices. She often experiments with different hairstyles, including braids, wigs, and extensions.

What sets Zendaya apart is not only her willingness to take risks but also her ability to carry any look with confidence. Whether she’s rocking dreads, a pixie cut, or long flowing locks, Zendaya effortlessly owns her style.

Inspiring Change

Zendaya’s decision to wear dreads and the subsequent conversation it sparked had a lasting impact on the fashion industry. It shed light on the need for more diversity and inclusion in mainstream media, as well as the importance of cultural sensitivity.

Since then, we’ve seen an increase in representation of different hairstyles and a greater appreciation for natural hair texture. Zendaya’s bold choice helped pave the way for more acceptance and celebration of diverse beauty standards.


Zendaya’s decision to wear dreads at the Oscars was not just a fashion statement but also a powerful message. It ignited a crucial conversation about cultural appropriation and representation in Hollywood. Her willingness to challenge societal norms and embrace her natural beauty has inspired others to do the same.

Zendaya continues to be an influential figure in both the entertainment and fashion industries, using her platform to advocate for change and celebrate diversity. Her fearless style choices serve as a reminder that fashion can be a form of self-expression and empowerment.