When Did the Song Replay Come Out by Zendaya?

When Did the Song Replay Come Out by Zendaya?

If you are a fan of Zendaya, then you have probably heard her hit song “Replay.” Released as the lead single from her self-titled debut album, “Zendaya,” the song quickly became a fan favorite. But do you know when this catchy tune was first introduced to the world?

The Release Date

“Replay” was officially released on July 16, 2013. It marked an exciting moment in Zendaya’s career as it showcased her transition from acting to music. The song’s infectious beats and relatable lyrics resonated with fans of all ages, making it an instant hit.

The Music Video

To accompany the release of “Replay,” Zendaya also dropped a vibrant and energetic music video. Directed by Colin Tilley, the video showcases Zendaya’s impressive dance skills and charismatic stage presence.

In the video, Zendaya effortlessly glides through various futuristic sets while surrounded by a crew of talented dancers. The visuals perfectly match the song’s upbeat tempo and youthful vibe.

Success and Impact

“Replay” quickly climbed the charts, peaking at number 40 on the Billboard Hot 100. It also achieved international success, charting in several countries worldwide.

The song’s popularity can be attributed to its catchy chorus and relatable lyrics about wanting to replay a memorable moment with someone special. Its positive message of cherishing happy memories struck a chord with listeners.


I wanna put you on repeat

Play you everywhere I go

E-e-everywhere I go-oh-oh

Play you everywhere I go

Put you on repeat

The song also received critical acclaim, with many praising Zendaya’s vocal abilities and the song’s production. “Replay” showcased Zendaya’s versatility as an artist and solidified her presence in the music industry.


“Replay” by Zendaya was released on July 16, 2013. With its infectious beats, relatable lyrics, and impressive music video, the song quickly became a fan favorite. Its success on charts and positive reception from critics highlighted Zendaya’s talent as both an actress and a singer.

If you haven’t listened to “Replay” yet, make sure to give it a play and experience the catchy tune that captivated audiences around the world!