When Did Emily Blunt Move to America?

Emily Blunt, the talented British actress, made her move to America in the early 2000s. Born in London in 1983, Blunt initially gained recognition for her roles in British television and stage productions. However, she had aspirations to expand her career and explore new opportunities across the Atlantic.

The Early Years:

Blunt’s interest in acting began at a young age. She attended Hurtwood House, a prestigious performing arts college in Surrey, England. It was during her time there that she honed her acting skills and developed a passion for the craft.

Rising Stardom:

Blunt’s breakthrough role came in 2006 when she portrayed Emily Charlton in the critically acclaimed film “The Devil Wears Prada.” Her portrayal of the sharp-tongued assistant earned her widespread praise and caught the attention of Hollywood casting directors.

The American Dream:

In pursuit of further success, Blunt decided to make the bold move to America. She packed her bags and relocated to Los Angeles with a determination to establish herself as an international actress.

Hollywood Success:

Blunt’s decision to move to America proved fruitful as she quickly gained recognition for her exceptional talent. Her versatility as an actress allowed her to effortlessly transition between genres, showcasing her range from drama to comedy and action.

Blunt has starred in numerous successful films since her move, including “The Adjustment Bureau,” “Edge of Tomorrow,” and “A Quiet Place.” Her performances have garnered critical acclaim, earning her several prestigious awards and nominations.


  • In 2007, Blunt won a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “Gideon’s Daughter. “
  • She received critical acclaim and a BAFTA Award for her performance in the 2009 film “The Young Victoria.

  • In 2018, Blunt was nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role for her portrayal of Mary Poppins in “Mary Poppins Returns. “

Personal Life:

Blunt married American actor John Krasinski in 2010, further solidifying her ties to America. The couple has two children together and has become one of Hollywood’s most beloved power couples.


Emily Blunt’s decision to move to America was a pivotal moment in her career. It allowed her to expand her horizons, explore new opportunities, and establish herself as one of Hollywood’s most respected actresses. With her undeniable talent and captivating performances, Blunt continues to leave an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.