When Did Emily Blunt Go Blonde?

Emily Blunt, the renowned British actress, has always been admired for her versatile acting skills and stunning looks. She has experimented with different hair colors throughout her career, but it was her transformation to blonde that took the world by storm.

Blonde Ambition

It was in 2018 when Emily Blunt surprised everyone by debuting as a blonde. Her decision to go blonde was for her role in the highly anticipated movie “Mary Poppins Returns.” The film required her to portray the iconic character Mary Poppins, who is known for her blonde locks.

Emily Blunt’s transformation into a blonde bombshell was no easy feat. It took hours of work by a team of expert hairstylists to achieve the perfect shade of blonde that would bring the character to life on the big screen.

The Process

The process of going from brunette to blonde is a meticulous one. Emily Blunt’s natural dark hair color meant that several steps had to be taken to achieve the desired result.

  • Bleaching: The first step involved bleaching Emily’s hair to lighten it. Bleaching is a chemical process that removes the natural pigment from the hair strands.
  • Toning: After bleaching, toning was done to neutralize any brassy or yellow tones and create a more natural-looking shade of blonde.
  • Root Touch-ups: To maintain the blonde color and keep up with regrowth, regular root touch-ups were necessary. This ensured that Emily’s hair remained consistent throughout filming.

The Blonde Effect

The transformation from brunette to blonde had a profound impact on Emily Blunt’s appearance. The new hair color highlighted her features and gave her a fresh, youthful look. It also added a touch of glamour and sophistication to her overall style.

Emily Blunt’s blonde hair became an instant sensation, not only among her fans but also in the fashion and beauty industry. Her bold move to change her hair color proved to be a game-changer as she became a style icon overnight.

Embracing Change

Going blonde was more than just a physical transformation for Emily Blunt. It represented her willingness to take risks and step out of her comfort zone as an actress. The decision to change her hair color showcased her dedication to bringing characters to life authentically.

This transformation cemented Emily Blunt’s status as one of Hollywood’s most versatile actresses. It showcased her ability to adapt and transform herself for different roles, capturing the essence of each character she portrays.

In Conclusion

The moment Emily Blunt went blonde was not only a significant milestone in her career but also an unforgettable moment in the world of fashion and beauty. Her transformation brought Mary Poppins back to life, captivating audiences with her charm, talent, and stunning new look.

So, whether you’re considering a hair transformation of your own or simply curious about Emily Blunt’s journey, one thing is for sure – going blonde was undoubtedly a career-defining moment for this talented actress.