When Did Colbert Kiss Andrew Garfield?

When Did Colbert Kiss Andrew Garfield?

Stephen Colbert, the beloved late-night talk show host, has had many memorable moments on his show. One such moment was when he shared a passionate kiss with actor Andrew Garfield. This unexpected gesture left the audience in shock and became a topic of discussion for weeks to come.

The Context

The kiss happened during an episode of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on September 8, 2017. Andrew Garfield was invited as a guest to promote his latest film at that time. The interview started off as any regular interview would, with Colbert asking questions about the movie and Garfield’s experience working on it.

The Unexpected Kiss

As the interview progressed, the conversation took an interesting turn when Colbert playfully mentioned how he had recently heard rumors about Garfield being a great kisser. The audience erupted in laughter, and Garfield blushed at the unexpected comment.

Not one to shy away from making bold moves, Colbert decided to put these rumors to the test. He leaned towards Garfield and kissed him on the lips. The studio audience went wild with excitement, and social media exploded with reactions and speculations about this unexpected moment between the two.

The Aftermath

After the kiss, both Colbert and Garfield laughed it off and continued with their conversation. They handled the situation with grace and humor, not letting it overshadow their respective careers or projects they were promoting.

The kiss generated a lot of buzz in both mainstream media outlets and social media platforms. Opinions were divided among viewers; some found it hilarious and entertaining, while others criticized it as inappropriate or unprofessional.

Colbert’s Reputation

This incident showcased Stephen Colbert’s ability to surprise and entertain his audience. Throughout his career, Colbert has gained a reputation for taking risks and pushing boundaries. He is known for his quick wit, humor, and ability to create memorable moments on his show.

Garfield’s Reaction

Andrew Garfield handled the situation with poise and good humor. He didn’t let the unexpected kiss overshadow his work or define him as an actor. Instead, he embraced the moment and continued to focus on his craft.

The Legacy

The Colbert-Garfield kiss became one of the most talked-about moments in late-night television history. It showcased the power of live television and its ability to create viral moments that captivate viewers worldwide.

In conclusion, Stephen Colbert’s impromptu kiss with Andrew Garfield during an episode of “The Late Show” will forever be remembered as a surprising and entertaining moment in television history. It highlighted Colbert’s ability to push boundaries while maintaining a sense of humor and showcased Garfield’s ability to handle unexpected situations with grace.