When Did Cardi Throw a Shoe at Nicki Minaj?

One of the most memorable moments in recent celebrity feuds occurred when Cardi B threw a shoe at Nicki Minaj during New York Fashion Week in September 2018. The incident took place at the Harper’s Bazaar ICONS party, and it caused quite a stir in the media and entertainment world.

The Build-Up

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj had been involved in an ongoing feud for some time before the shoe-throwing incident. The tension between the two rap stars was fueled by various factors, including rumored subliminal disses in their music, social media jabs, and conflicting statements in interviews.

The Harper’s Bazaar ICONS Party

The Harper’s Bazaar ICONS party was supposed to be a glamorous event celebrating fashion and style. However, things quickly escalated when Cardi B reportedly approached Nicki Minaj to address their issues face-to-face.

As tensions rose, security guards attempted to prevent any physical altercations. But despite their efforts, Cardi managed to throw her shoe at Nicki, aiming for her head. The incident was captured on video and instantly went viral on social media platforms.

The Aftermath

After throwing her shoe, Cardi B was escorted out of the event with a large bump on her forehead. She later took to Instagram to explain her actions, stating that she believed Nicki had made derogatory comments about her daughter.

Nicki Minaj, on the other hand, remained relatively quiet about the incident. She addressed it briefly on her radio show but did not engage in any further public confrontation with Cardi.

The Impact

The shoe-throwing incident between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj left a lasting impact on both their careers. It further fueled the media’s fascination with their feud and generated widespread discussion among fans and critics alike.

While some praised Cardi B for standing up for herself, others criticized her for resorting to violence. The incident also sparked debates about professionalism in the entertainment industry and the appropriate way to handle conflicts between artists.


Since the shoe-throwing incident, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj have not publicly reconciled. However, both artists have expressed a desire to move forward and focus on their respective careers.

It remains to be seen whether these two rap superstars will be able to mend fences and put their differences aside in the future. Until then, the memory of Cardi B throwing her shoe at Nicki Minaj will continue to be a standout moment in their ongoing feud.