What’s Zendaya Doing These Days?

Zendaya is a multi-talented actress, singer, and fashion icon who has taken the entertainment industry by storm. With her undeniable talent and captivating presence, she has become one of the most influential figures in Hollywood today. Let’s take a closer look at what Zendaya is doing these days.

Acting Career

Zendaya’s acting career has been flourishing ever since she gained widespread recognition for her role as MJ in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man films. She continues to impress audiences with her incredible range and versatility.


One of Zendaya’s most notable projects is the hit HBO series, Euphoria. In this groundbreaking show, she portrays Rue Bennett, a troubled teenager struggling with addiction. Zendaya’s raw and emotionally charged performance earned her critical acclaim, including an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.


Zendaya has also been cast in the highly anticipated sci-fi epic, Dune. Directed by Denis Villeneuve, this star-studded film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel promises to be a visual spectacle. Zendaya will be playing the role of Chani, a key character in the story.

Musical Endeavors

Besides acting, Zendaya has showcased her musical abilities throughout her career.

Solo Music:

Zendaya released her self-titled debut album in 2013, which featured catchy pop tracks like “Replay.” Her smooth vocals and infectious beats garnered positive reviews from both critics and fans alike.

Fashion Icon

Zendaya is known for her impeccable sense of style both on and off the red carpet.

Tommy Hilfiger Collaboration:

Zendaya collaborated with fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger for a collection inspired by the 1970s and African American culture. This collaboration received widespread praise for its inclusivity and celebration of diverse beauty.

Activism and Philanthropy

Zendaya is actively involved in various charitable causes and uses her platform to advocate for positive change.


She has been a strong advocate for education, particularly encouraging young people to pursue STEM fields. Zendaya has worked with organizations like Convoy of Hope to provide resources and support to underprivileged students.

In Conclusion

Zendaya continues to make waves in the entertainment industry with her exceptional talent, fashion-forward style, and commitment to making a difference. Whether it’s through her acting projects, musical endeavors, or philanthropic efforts, she consistently proves herself as a force to be reckoned with. We can’t wait to see what she does next!