What’s the Name of the Show With Cardi B TI and Chance the Rapper?

The show that features Cardi B, TI, and Chance the Rapper is called “Rhythm + Flow”.


When it comes to reality TV shows that focus on discovering talented musicians, “Rhythm + Flow” stands out from the crowd. This unique show brings together three prominent hip-hop artists – Cardi B, TI, and Chance the Rapper – as judges and mentors for aspiring rappers.

The Concept of “Rhythm + Flow”

“Rhythm + Flow” is a rap competition series that aims to find the next big breakout star in the world of hip-hop. The show takes a refreshing approach by focusing on rap music specifically and providing a platform for undiscovered talent to showcase their skills.

The Judges

One of the main reasons why “Rhythm + Flow” has gained immense popularity is its star-studded panel of judges. Cardi B, known for her bold personality and chart-topping hits, brings her unique perspective as a successful female rapper to the table.

TI, a Grammy-winning artist renowned for his lyrical prowess, offers valuable insights derived from his years of experience in the industry. Lastly, Chance the Rapper, known for his distinctive style and uplifting lyrics, brings his creative expertise to help contestants refine their craft.

The Format

Rather than following a traditional weekly elimination format seen in many reality shows, “Rhythm + Flow” takes a more condensed approach. The competition is divided into three phases: auditions, cyphers and rap battles, and music videos.

  • Auditions: Aspiring rappers from all over the United States participate in city-wise auditions. Contestants perform in front of Cardi B, TI, and Chance the Rapper, who provide feedback and decide who will advance to the next round.
  • Cyphers and Rap Battles: In this phase, the selected contestants participate in cyphers, where they showcase their freestyle skills.

    They also face off in rap battles against each other, demonstrating their ability to engage in competitive rap battles.

  • Music Videos: The final phase of the competition involves creating music videos. Contestants work closely with industry professionals to bring their vision to life. The judges evaluate these videos and make their final decisions.

The Impact of “Rhythm + Flow”

“Rhythm + Flow” has not only provided a platform for aspiring rappers but has also sparked conversations about diversity and representation in the music industry. The show has received critical acclaim for its authentic portrayal of the rap genre and its dedication to showcasing talent from various backgrounds.


If you’re a fan of rap music or simply enjoy watching talented individuals compete for a chance at stardom, “Rhythm + Flow” is a show you don’t want to miss. With its star-studded judging panel, engaging format, and emphasis on authenticity, it continues to captivate audiences worldwide.