What Year Did Zendaya Leave Disney?

Zendaya, the talented actress and singer, gained popularity through her roles in various Disney Channel shows. She first rose to fame with her portrayal of Rocky Blue in the hit series “Shake It Up,” which aired from 2010 to 2013. Her undeniable talent and charm quickly made her a fan favorite among young viewers.

Leaving Disney:

After her successful stint with Disney Channel, Zendaya decided to move on from her teenage roles and explore new opportunities. In 2015, she made the decision to leave Disney behind and pursue more mature projects. This marked an important milestone in her career as she aimed to shed the image of a child star and prove herself as a versatile actress.

The Transition:

Zendaya’s departure from Disney was met with mixed reactions from fans. Some were sad to see their beloved actress leave the network that had launched her career, while others were excited to see what she would do next.

It didn’t take long for Zendaya to make waves outside of the Disney bubble. In 2016, she starred in the coming-of-age drama film “The Greatest Showman,” alongside Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron. Her mesmerizing performance as Anne Wheeler showcased her singing and dancing abilities, solidifying her status as a rising star in Hollywood.

The Euphoria Breakthrough:

In 2019, Zendaya’s career reached new heights with her role as Rue Bennett in the critically acclaimed HBO series “Euphoria.” This gritty teen drama garnered widespread praise for its raw portrayal of adolescent struggles and addiction.

The Impact:

Zendaya’s decision to leave Disney allowed her to break free from the constraints of child-oriented programming and explore more complex and challenging roles. It proved to be a pivotal moment in her career, as she successfully transitioned into a respected actress admired for her talent and versatility.


In conclusion, Zendaya left Disney in 2015 to pursue more mature projects and expand her acting repertoire. Since then, she has captivated audiences with her performances in films like “The Greatest Showman” and the hit series “Euphoria.” Her decision to leave Disney marked a significant turning point in her career and positioned her as one of the most talented young actresses of her generation.