What Was the Comment That Giuliana Rancic Made About Zendaya?

On February 23, 2015, during E! News’ Fashion Police Oscars special, Giuliana Rancic made a comment about Zendaya’s hairstyle that sparked controversy and outrage. The comment in question was a racially insensitive joke regarding Zendaya’s dreadlocks.

The Comment

During the segment where the hosts discussed red carpet looks, Giuliana Rancic commented on Zendaya’s appearance. She said, “I feel like she smells like patchouli oil or weed.” This insensitive remark caused an immediate uproar and backlash from viewers and the media.

The Backlash

Zendaya, an actress and singer known for her activism and commitment to social justice issues, took to social media to address Rancic’s comment. In an eloquent open letter on Instagram, Zendaya expressed her disappointment in Rancic’s remarks and highlighted the underlying racism in associating dreadlocks with negative stereotypes.

The public also rallied behind Zendaya, expressing their support through various social media platforms. Many criticized Rancic for perpetuating harmful stereotypes and demanded an apology from both Rancic and E! News.

E! News’ Response

The controversy quickly gained media attention, forcing E! News to address the issue. Giuliana Rancic issued a public apology on Twitter, stating that her comments were not intended to be racist but were merely meant as a critique of the hairstyle choice itself.

E! News also released an official statement apologizing for the incident and emphasizing their commitment to diversity and inclusivity. They acknowledged that the comments made by Rancic were inappropriate and assured viewers that they would learn from this incident to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

Impact & Lessons Learned

This incident highlighted the importance of sensitivity and cultural understanding in the media industry. It sparked a broader conversation about racial stereotypes, cultural appropriation, and the power of words.

Ultimately, this controversy served as a wake-up call for E! News and other media organizations to reassess their practices and ensure that they promote diversity, inclusivity, and respect in their programming.

Lessons Learned:

  • Think before you speak: Words have consequences, and it is crucial to consider the impact of our comments before making them.
  • Awareness of cultural sensitivity: Recognize that cultural appropriation and insensitive remarks can perpetuate harmful stereotypes and cause significant harm.
  • Apologize sincerely when mistakes are made: Acknowledge the wrongdoing, take responsibility, and apologize genuinely to those affected.
  • Commitment to change: Learn from mistakes and actively work towards promoting diversity, inclusivity, and respect within all aspects of media.

In conclusion, Giuliana Rancic’s comment about Zendaya’s hairstyle during the Fashion Police Oscars special sparked outrage due to its racially insensitive nature. The incident served as a reminder for everyone in the media industry to be mindful of their words and actions, ensuring that they promote a more inclusive and respectful environment.