What Was Nicki Minaj Wearing in Anaconda?

What Was Nicki Minaj Wearing in Anaconda?

If you’ve watched the music video for Nicki Minaj’s hit song “Anaconda,” you’ll know that it’s not just the catchy lyrics and infectious beat that grab your attention. The visuals are equally captivating, especially when it comes to Nicki Minaj’s wardrobe choices.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what the rap queen was wearing in the iconic “Anaconda” video.

The Jungle-Inspired Outfit

Nicki Minaj made quite an entrance in the opening scene of the video, where she is seen wearing a jungle-inspired outfit that perfectly complements the song’s theme. Her ensemble includes a bold animal print bodysuit which accentuates her curves and adds to the overall fierce vibe of the music video.

The bodysuit is paired with gold chains, which add a touch of glamour and bling to the outfit.

The Pink Sports Bra and Shorts Combo

Moving on to another memorable look from “Anaconda,” we can’t miss talking about the pink sports bra and shorts combo. This vibrant outfit choice showcases Nicki Minaj’s playful side while also emphasizing her confidence.

The pink sports bra features a bold logo design, adding an extra element of style to this already eye-catching ensemble.

The Fishnet Tights and Black Booties

To complete her look in “Anaconda,” Nicki Minaj opted for fishnet tights and black booties. The fishnet tights add a touch of edginess to her outfits, while the black booties provide a sleek and sexy finish.

This combination perfectly complements the overall aesthetic of the music video, creating a cohesive look that commands attention.

The Accessories

No outfit is complete without the right accessories, and Nicki Minaj certainly knows how to accessorize in style. In “Anaconda,” she can be seen wearing chunky gold earrings, which add a glamorous touch to her look.

Additionally, she sports a variety of bold statement rings that add an extra layer of personality and flair to her outfits.

The Hair and Makeup

Apart from her stylish wardrobe choices, Nicki Minaj’s hair and makeup also play a significant role in the overall look of “Anaconda.” Her iconic long black hair, often styled in voluminous waves or sleek straight locks, adds to her allure and complements her outfits perfectly.

Her makeup is typically bold, featuring dramatic eye looks with winged eyeliner and bold lip colors.

In conclusion, Nicki Minaj’s wardrobe in “Anaconda” is a perfect blend of boldness, glamour, and playfulness. From jungle-inspired prints to vibrant colors and edgy accessories, each outfit choice contributes to the overall visual appeal of the music video.

Combined with her fierce hair and makeup looks, Nicki Minaj’s style in “Anaconda” is undeniably captivating.