What Super Bowl Commercial Was Cardi B In?

Cardi B is a popular rapper, songwriter, and actress who has made quite a splash in the entertainment industry. Known for her unapologetic personality and catchy songs, Cardi B has also dabbled in acting and endorsement deals. One of her most notable appearances was in a Super Bowl commercial.

Cardi B’s Super Bowl Commercial

In 2019, Cardi B starred in a Super Bowl commercial for Pepsi. The commercial, titled “More Than OK,” was part of Pepsi’s larger marketing campaign for the event. It featured Cardi B alongside actor Steve Carell and rapper Lil Jon.

The Concept

The commercial revolved around the idea that Pepsi is more than just an okay choice – it’s an excellent one. It humorously portrayed various scenarios where people ordered a Coke at restaurants or cafes, only to be met with disapproving looks from the waiter or bartender. In these moments, Cardi B would appear and deliver her iconic catchphrase, “Okurrr,” expressing that Pepsi is the superior choice.

The Impact

This Super Bowl commercial featuring Cardi B garnered significant attention and became one of the most talked-about ads during the game. It successfully highlighted Pepsi’s brand message while capitalizing on Cardi B’s popularity and unique persona.

Why Cardi B?

Cardi B was chosen for this commercial due to her rising star power and appeal among younger audiences. Her bold personality and humorous demeanor made her a perfect fit for the light-hearted tone of the advertisement.

Pepsi’s History of Star-Studded Commercials

Pepsi has a long history of featuring popular celebrities in their commercials during the Super Bowl. From Michael Jackson to Britney Spears, the brand has consistently aimed to create memorable and entertaining ads that resonate with viewers.


In conclusion, Cardi B’s appearance in a Super Bowl commercial for Pepsi was a memorable moment in both her career and the advertising world. The commercial successfully combined humor, star power, and brand messaging to create an engaging and entertaining advertisement. Cardi B’s presence undoubtedly added to the commercial’s appeal and contributed to its success.