What Songs Did Safaree Write for Nicki Minaj?

When it comes to the music industry, collaborations are a common occurrence. Artists often work together to create magic, combining their talents to produce chart-topping hits.

One such collaboration that took the world by storm was between rapper Nicki Minaj and songwriter Safaree Samuels. Safaree, also known as SB or Scaff Breezy, played a significant role in Nicki Minaj’s rise to fame by co-writing many of her biggest songs.

The Early Years

Nicki Minaj and Safaree Samuels were in a romantic relationship for several years before parting ways. However, their professional partnership continued long after their personal one ended. Safaree’s influence on Nicki’s music can be traced back to her early mixtapes, where he contributed his songwriting skills.

“Did It On ‘Em”

One of the standout tracks from Nicki Minaj’s debut album “Pink Friday” was “Did It On ‘Em.” This high-energy anthem showcased Nicki’s unique style and flow. Safaree played a crucial role in crafting the lyrics for this song, helping to bring out Nicki’s fierce and unapologetic personality.

The Pinkprint Era

As Nicki Minaj’s career soared to new heights with her third studio album, “The Pinkprint,” Safaree continued his involvement in her songwriting process.

“Bed of Lies”

“Bed of Lies” featuring Skylar Grey is an emotional ballad from “The Pinkprint.” The heartfelt lyrics delve into the complexities of love and trust. Safaree contributed his writing skills to this powerful track, adding depth and vulnerability to the song.

“Grand Piano”

Another notable song from “The Pinkprint” album is “Grand Piano.” This hauntingly beautiful piano-driven ballad showcases Nicki’s vocal range and emotional depth. Safaree’s songwriting played a significant role in capturing the raw emotions conveyed in this song.

Other Collaborations

Beyond her solo work, Nicki Minaj collaborated with various artists, and Safaree was often involved in co-writing these tracks.

“Roman Reloaded”

“Roman Reloaded” featuring Lil Wayne is a high-energy track that exemplifies Nicki Minaj’s versatility as an artist. Safaree’s contributions to this song helped maintain the intensity and charisma that Nicki is known for.

“Up in Flames”

“Up in Flames” is a fiery track from Nicki Minaj’s re-release of her second album, “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up.” Safaree’s involvement in writing this song added an extra layer of wordplay and lyrical prowess.

  • In conclusion, Safaree Samuels played a significant role in shaping Nicki Minaj’s music career. From her early mixtapes to her chart-topping albums, Safaree contributed his songwriting talents to many of her biggest hits.

    Songs like “Did It On ‘Em,” “Bed of Lies,” and “Grand Piano” are just a few examples of their successful collaborations. The combination of Safaree’s lyrical skills and Nicki Minaj’s unique artistry resulted in unforgettable music that continues to resonate with fans worldwide.