What Songs Did Nicki Minaj Wrote by Herself?

Nicki Minaj is not only known for her incredible rapping skills, but also for her songwriting abilities. Throughout her career, she has written numerous songs that showcase her unique style and lyrical prowess.

In this article, we will explore some of the songs that Nicki Minaj wrote entirely by herself.

The Pinkprint Era

During the release of her third studio album, “The Pinkprint,” Nicki Minaj showed her growth as an artist and songwriter. This album featured several tracks where she penned the lyrics entirely on her own.

One notable song is “Pills N Potions,” which was released as the lead single for the album. The introspective lyrics and emotional depth displayed in this track reflect Nicki’s personal experiences and thoughts.

The Queen Era

In 2018, Nicki Minaj released her highly anticipated fourth studio album, “Queen.” This album showcased her versatility as a songwriter with tracks like “Chun-Li” and “Barbie Dreams.”

Both songs highlight Nicki’s ability to combine clever wordplay with catchy hooks. The boldness of these tracks truly demonstrates Nicki’s creative control over her music.

The Pink Friday Era

Nicki Minaj’s debut studio album, “Pink Friday,” was a massive success and solidified her position in the industry. This album featured hits like “Super Bass” and “Moment 4 Life,” both of which were written solely by Nicki herself.

These tracks showcased her ability to craft infectious pop-rap anthems that resonate with listeners around the world.

Other Notable Mentions:

  • “Anaconda” – Released in 2014 as part of Nicki’s third studio album, “The Pinkprint,” this track became an instant hit. Nicki’s playful and provocative lyrics solidified her status as a formidable force in the music industry.
  • “Only” – Featured on “The Pinkprint,” this collaboration with Lil Wayne, Drake, and Chris Brown was both a commercial and critical success. Nicki Minaj’s writing skills shine through in this track as she effortlessly delivers memorable verses.

In conclusion, Nicki Minaj has proven time and time again that she is not only a talented rapper but also a skilled songwriter. From her introspective tracks to her catchy pop-rap anthems, Nicki has consistently showcased her ability to craft impactful lyrics entirely on her own.

Her songs are a testament to her creativity, versatility, and undeniable talent.