What Song Is Sampled in Kanye West Famous?

When it comes to creating music, Kanye West is no stranger to pushing boundaries and incorporating unique elements into his songs. One of his most popular tracks, “Famous,” released in 2016 as part of his album “The Life of Pablo,” features a sample that adds an extra layer of depth to the song. Let’s dive into what song is sampled in Kanye West’s “Famous” and how it enhances the overall listening experience.

The Sampled Song

The sample used in “Famous” comes from the song “Do What You Gotta Do” by soul singer Doug E. Fresh. This track was originally released in 1989 as part of Doug E. Fresh’s album “The World’s Greatest Entertainer.”

Fun fact: Doug E. Fresh is known for his beatboxing skills and innovative use of vocal percussion, which have influenced many artists, including Kanye West.

Incorporation into “Famous”

Kanye West took a portion of Doug E. Fresh’s iconic beatboxing from “Do What You Gotta Do” and expertly incorporated it into the instrumental arrangement of “Famous.” The sampled section adds a distinctive rhythm and groove to the song, creating an infectious vibe that captivates listeners.

The use of sampling in hip hop is not uncommon, but Kanye West has always been known for his ability to find unique and unexpected samples that elevate his music.

Impact on the Song

The sampled beatboxing in “Famous” serves multiple purposes within the song. Firstly, it acts as a driving force that propels the track forward, providing a strong foundation for Kanye West’s vocals and other instrumental elements.

Additionally, it adds a layer of nostalgia and familiarity for listeners who may be familiar with Doug E. Fresh’s work. This recognition can create a sense of connection and enhance the overall listening experience.

Reception and Influence

“Famous” received widespread acclaim from both critics and fans upon its release. The innovative use of sampling, particularly the incorporation of Doug E. Fresh’s beatboxing, was praised for its creativity and ability to enhance the song’s impact.

The success of “Famous” further cemented Kanye West’s reputation as an artist who pushes boundaries and incorporates diverse musical elements into his work. Many artists have since been inspired by his use of sampling, leading to a resurgence in the popularity of this technique within hip hop and other genres.

In conclusion,

Kanye West’s “Famous” samples Doug E. Fresh’s beatboxing from the song “Do What You Gotta Do.” This sample adds a unique rhythm and groove to the track, elevating its overall impact. The innovative use of sampling in “Famous” showcases Kanye West’s ability to incorporate diverse elements into his music, pushing boundaries within the industry.

So next time you listen to “Famous,” pay attention to how Doug E. Fresh’s beatboxing enhances the song and allows you to appreciate Kanye West’s creativity even more.