What Song Did Travis Scott Sample in Family Business by Kanye West?

Have you ever wondered what song Travis Scott sampled in “Family Business” by Kanye West? It’s always fascinating to discover the origins of the catchy beats and melodies that make up our favorite songs. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the sample used in “Family Business” and explore its significance in the overall composition.

The Sample: “Fonky Thang” by Slum Village

Travis Scott borrowed a snippet from the track “Fonky Thang” by Slum Village for his production on Kanye West’s “Family Business.” Slum Village was a Detroit-based hip-hop group known for their unique sound and contributions to the genre.

Fun Fact: The members of Slum Village were actually mentored by none other than J Dilla, a legendary producer who had a profound impact on hip-hop music.

The sample used in “Family Business” can be heard throughout the song’s duration. It adds a distinctive element to the composition, giving it an old-school vibe while still maintaining its modern appeal. Travis Scott’s skillful implementation of this sample showcases his prowess as a producer.

The Impact of Sampling

Sampling has been an integral part of hip-hop culture since its inception. It involves taking segments from existing songs and incorporating them into new compositions. This technique allows artists to pay homage to their influences, create nostalgic connections with listeners, and add depth to their music.

  • Nostalgia: Sampling often evokes feelings of nostalgia as listeners recognize familiar tunes from their past. In the case of “Family Business,” Travis Scott’s use of the “Fonky Thang” sample transports us back to the golden era of hip-hop.
  • Bridging Generations: By incorporating samples, artists can bridge the gap between different generations of music lovers.

    Younger listeners may discover older songs through their favorite contemporary artists, fostering a sense of musical appreciation across time.

  • Artistic Expression: Sampling allows artists to showcase their creativity and interpret existing works in new and innovative ways. It’s a powerful tool that enables them to put their own unique spin on familiar sounds.

The Significance of “Family Business”

“Family Business” is a standout track on Kanye West’s debut album, “The College Dropout.” It serves as a heartfelt ode to Kanye’s family and reflects on the importance of familial bonds amidst the trials and tribulations of life.

The sample from “Fonky Thang” enhances the emotional impact of “Family Business” by adding layers of depth and nostalgia. It acts as a sonic thread that connects the past with the present, reflecting the theme of family roots and heritage that Kanye explores in the song.

In conclusion, Travis Scott sampled “Fonky Thang” by Slum Village in Kanye West’s “Family Business.” This sample not only adds a distinct flavor to the composition but also pays homage to hip-hop’s rich history.

Sampling is an artistic technique that allows artists like Travis Scott and Kanye West to create music that resonates with audiences across generations. So next time you listen to “Family Business,” take a moment to appreciate the skillful use of sampling that makes it such an iconic track.