What Song Did Kanye West Sample for Ghost Town?

When it comes to sampling in music, Kanye West is known for his creative and innovative approach. One of his notable songs, “Ghost Town,” from his album “Ye” released in 2018, features a captivating blend of different elements. Let’s dive deeper into the sample used in this song and explore its origins.

The Sample

The main sample used in “Ghost Town” is taken from a song called “Take Me for a Little While.” This track was originally recorded by a band called The Royal Jesters, an American soul group from San Antonio, Texas.

Who are The Royal Jesters?

The Royal Jesters were formed in the 1950s and gained popularity with their unique blend of doo-wop, soul, and rhythm and blues. They were known for their smooth harmonies and heartfelt lyrics. “Take Me for a Little While” was one of their most popular songs released in 1966.

The Original Version

“Take Me for a Little While” is a beautiful ballad that showcases the emotional depth of The Royal Jesters’ music. It features soulful vocals accompanied by lush instrumentation, including strings and piano.

Kanye West’s Adaptation

Kanye West took this heartfelt ballad and transformed it into something entirely different with his characteristic style. He manipulated the original sample to create a distorted sound that adds to the rawness and intensity of “Ghost Town.”

In addition to “Take Me for a Little While,” Kanye West also incorporated elements from other songs into “Ghost Town.” This includes an interpolation of vocals from Shirley Ann Lee’s gospel track “Someday.”

The Impact

“Ghost Town” was widely acclaimed by both critics and fans for its unique sound and emotional impact. Kanye West’s adaptation of “Take Me for a Little While” helped bring attention to The Royal Jesters’ music, introducing a new generation of listeners to their soulful sound.

In Conclusion

The sample used in Kanye West’s “Ghost Town” from the album “Ye” comes from “Take Me for a Little While” by The Royal Jesters. Through his creative manipulation, Kanye transformed the original ballad into a distorted masterpiece that resonated with audiences worldwide. This serves as a testament to the power of sampling and its ability to breathe new life into existing music.

So next time you listen to “Ghost Town,” take a moment to appreciate the captivating blend of different elements and the influence of The Royal Jesters’ soulful sound.