What SNL Episode Was Andrew Garfield?

Andrew Garfield, the talented British actor, has had the honor of hosting Saturday Night Live (SNL) on multiple occasions. In this article, we will explore which SNL episodes featured Andrew Garfield as the host and highlight some of his memorable moments on the show.

Andrew Garfield’s SNL Hosting Episodes

Andrew Garfield first hosted SNL on May 3, 2014. This episode marked his debut as a host and showcased his comedic skills alongside the talented cast members of the show.

Garfield’s presence brought a unique energy to the sketches, making it an episode that fans still remember fondly.

The second time Andrew Garfield hosted SNL was on December 7, 2019. This episode was particularly special as it coincided with the release of his critically acclaimed film “The Amazing Spider-Man.”

It provided a perfect opportunity for him to demonstrate his versatility as an actor and give audiences a taste of his humor outside of his superhero role.

Memorable Moments with Andrew Garfield

The Beygency Sketch

One standout sketch from Andrew Garfield’s first hosting gig was “The Beygency.” In this hilarious skit, he played a man who dared to criticize BeyoncĂ©’s music, only to find himself pursued by a secret organization dedicated to silencing anyone who speaks ill of Queen Bey.

This sketch showcased Garfield’s comedic timing and willingness to fully commit to absurd characters.

“Spider-Man Kiss” Cold Open

During Andrew Garfield’s second hosting stint, SNL opened with a memorable sketch referencing his role as Spider-Man. In this cold open, he appeared alongside Emma Stone (his real-life girlfriend at the time) in a parody of their iconic upside-down kiss from “The Amazing Spider-Man” films.

This light-hearted moment delighted fans and demonstrated Garfield’s ability to embrace his superhero alter ego with a touch of self-awareness.

Weekend Update: The Amazing Spider-Man

One of the highlights of Andrew Garfield’s SNL appearances was his collaboration with the Weekend Update segment. In a recurring sketch titled “The Amazing Spider-Man,” he portrayed the web-slinging superhero delivering awkward and cringe-worthy jokes.

This segment allowed Garfield to display his comedic range and proved that he could excel both in scripted sketches and improvisational comedy.


Andrew Garfield’s hosting episodes on SNL showcased his talent not only as a dramatic actor but also as a skilled comedian. From memorable sketches like “The Beygency” to his playful nods to his Spider-Man role, Garfield left a lasting impression on SNL viewers.

Whether you’re a fan of his dramatic performances or simply enjoy seeing him flex his comedic muscles, these episodes are worth revisiting for some guaranteed laughs.