What SNL Episode Did Andrew Garfield Host?

Andrew Garfield, the talented British actor, hosted Saturday Night Live (SNL) on May 3, 2014. His hosting gig on SNL was highly anticipated as it marked his first time hosting the popular comedy sketch show.

The Opening Monologue

Garfield kicked off the show with an energetic and hilarious opening monologue that showcased his comedic skills. He shared anecdotes about his experience filming The Amazing Spider-Man movies and even poked fun at himself, which instantly won over the audience.

Memorable Sketches

The SNL episode hosted by Andrew Garfield featured a variety of memorable sketches that left viewers in stitches. One standout sketch was “The Beygency,” a humorous take on the intense fandom surrounding BeyoncĂ©.

In this sketch, Garfield portrayed a man who made the mistake of criticizing BeyoncĂ©’s latest album and subsequently found himself being pursued by a secret organization known as “The Beygency.” Garfield’s comedic timing and delivery made this sketch an instant fan favorite.

Another notable moment from Garfield’s episode was the sketch titled “Spider-Man Kiss,” where he reprised his role as Peter Parker/Spider-Man alongside SNL cast member Emma Stone, who also happened to be his real-life girlfriend at the time. The sketch humorously depicted how difficult it was for Spider-Man to engage in romantic moments due to his unique superpowers.

Weekend Update Appearance

As is customary for many SNL hosts, Andrew Garfield made an appearance during the show’s popular “Weekend Update” segment. He joined Seth Meyers at the news desk to deliver some hilarious jokes and engage in witty banter. Garfield’s natural charm and quick wit shone through during this segment, further solidifying his hosting abilities.

Closing Thoughts

Andrew Garfield’s hosting stint on SNL was a resounding success. His charisma, comedic talent, and willingness to fully embrace the show’s sketches made for an entertaining and memorable episode.

Whether he was portraying Spider-Man in a humorous context or delivering laughs during the opening monologue, Garfield proved that he had what it takes to excel in the realm of live comedy. His SNL episode will undoubtedly be remembered as a standout moment in his career.