What Shoes Was Andrew Garfield Wearing in Amazing Spiderman?

Andrew Garfield’s shoes in the ‘Amazing Spiderman’ movie were a crucial part of his on-screen persona. The shoes he wore not only added to his character’s overall look but also provided him with the necessary comfort and support for his action-packed scenes. In this article, we will take a closer look at the specific footwear choices made for Garfield’s portrayal of Spiderman.

The Sneakers

One of the most iconic aspects of Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman costume was his choice of sneakers. The filmmakers wanted to modernize Spiderman’s look and give him a more youthful and relatable persona compared to previous iterations of the character. To achieve this, they opted for a pair of stylish and functional sneakers.

Garfield’s Spiderman could be seen wearing a pair of red high-top sneakers throughout most of the movie. These sneakers added a pop of color to his costume while also providing him with the flexibility and agility required for his acrobatic stunts.

The Brand

The brand behind the shoes worn by Andrew Garfield in ‘Amazing Spiderman’ is Vans. Vans is known for its wide range of skateboarding-inspired footwear that blends style and functionality seamlessly.

Vans has been a popular choice among skateboarders and action sports enthusiasts due to their durable construction, comfortable fit, and trendy designs. By incorporating Vans sneakers into Garfield’s Spiderman costume, the filmmakers aimed to give the character an urban edge that resonated with younger audiences.

The Style

The specific style of Vans worn by Andrew Garfield in ‘Amazing Spiderman’ was the classic Old Skool model. The Old Skool is characterized by its signature side stripe detail, canvas upper, and vulcanized rubber sole. These features not only added to the overall aesthetic appeal of Garfield’s Spiderman suit but also provided him with the necessary traction and grip for his intense action sequences.

Color and Design

The Old Skool sneakers worn by Garfield were predominantly red in color, complementing the overall color scheme of his Spiderman costume. The iconic Vans side stripe, typically in white, ran along the sides of the shoes, adding a touch of contrast and visual interest.

Additionally, the shoes featured a white rubber midsole and a black Vans logo at the heel. These subtle design elements contributed to the overall sleek and stylish appearance of Garfield’s Spiderman character while staying true to Vans’ classic aesthetic.


In conclusion, Andrew Garfield’s footwear choice in ‘Amazing Spiderman’ was a deliberate decision made by the filmmakers to modernize and add a youthful vibe to the character. The red high-top Vans Old Skool sneakers he wore not only enhanced his on-screen look but also provided him with comfort, flexibility, and traction during his intense action scenes. This careful attention to detail showcases how even seemingly small elements like shoes can contribute significantly to a character’s overall portrayal.