What Shoes Are Zendaya In?

Zendaya is known for her impeccable style and fashion sense. Whether she’s on the red carpet or running errands, she always manages to turn heads with her outfit choices.

One aspect of her style that often gets attention is her choice of footwear. So, what shoes is Zendaya in? Let’s take a closer look.

The Red Carpet

When Zendaya graces the red carpet, she does so with elegance and grace. Her shoe choices for these events are always carefully curated to complement her outfit and make a statement.

Strappy Heels

One style of shoe that Zendaya often opts for on the red carpet is strappy heels. These shoes not only elongate her legs but also add a touch of femininity to her overall look. She has been spotted wearing strappy heels in various colors, including bold metallics and classic blacks.

Statement Boots

Zendaya isn’t afraid to push boundaries when it comes to her fashion choices, and this extends to her shoe selection as well. On occasion, she has been seen rocking statement boots on the red carpet. These boots feature unique designs, intricate details, and eye-catching embellishments that truly make a statement.

Everyday Chic

Even when Zendaya is off-duty, she still manages to look effortlessly chic. Her shoe choices for everyday wear are stylish yet comfortable, allowing her to tackle any task while looking fabulous.


Zendaya often incorporates sneakers into her everyday outfits. From classic white sneakers to trendy high-tops, she knows how to make this casual footwear look effortlessly cool and fashionable.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are another staple in Zendaya’s wardrobe. These versatile shoes can be dressed up or down, making them perfect for any occasion. Whether she’s pairing them with jeans or a dress, Zendaya knows how to rock ankle boots with style.

The Runway

Zendaya has also made her mark in the fashion industry by collaborating with various designers and walking the runway. Her shoe choices for these fashion-forward events are always on point, adding an extra level of sophistication to her already glamorous looks.

Statement Heels

When it comes to the runway, Zendaya often chooses statement heels that demand attention. These heels may feature unique shapes, bold colors, or intricate designs that perfectly complement the designer’s vision.

Strut-Worthy Boots

Zendaya knows how to command attention when she walks down the runway, and her choice of boots plays a significant role in achieving this. From thigh-high boots to chunky combat boots, she knows how to make a statement with her footwear.

In Conclusion

Zendaya’s shoe choices are just as diverse and stylish as her overall fashion sense. Whether she’s on the red carpet, running errands, or strutting down the runway, she always manages to find the perfect pair of shoes to complete her look. From strappy heels and statement boots to sneakers and ankle boots, Zendaya proves time and time again that she is a true fashion icon.