What Season Was Andrew Garfield on SNL?

Andrew Garfield, the talented British actor, made his appearance on Saturday Night Live (SNL) during the show’s 39th season. The 39th season of SNL ran from September 28, 2013, to May 17, 2014, and Garfield hosted the show on May 3, 2014.

Andrew Garfield on SNL

Hosting SNL is considered a significant achievement in the entertainment industry. It provides actors and celebrities with a platform to showcase their comedic chops and interact with the iconic SNL cast members.

The Season:

Garfield’s appearance came towards the end of the 39th season of SNL. This particular season was filled with memorable sketches and hilarious moments.

Memorable Sketches:

  • “The Beygency”: In this skit, Garfield played a man who dared to criticize BeyoncĂ© in front of her fans. The sketch humorously exaggerated the extreme devotion some people have for the pop icon.
  • “Spider-Man Kiss”: As Spider-Man himself, Garfield poked fun at his own role in “The Amazing Spider-Man” movies by participating in a sketch where he struggled with an awkward kissing scene.
  • “Celebrity Family Feud”: In this hilarious Celebrity Family Feud parody, Garfield portrayed an eccentric Justin Timberlake alongside other celebrity impressions by the cast members.

The Host:

Andrew Garfield was well-suited for hosting SNL due to his versatility as an actor. Known for his roles in both dramatic films like “The Social Network” and “Hacksaw Ridge” as well as comedic films like “The Amazing Spider-Man” series, Garfield brought a perfect balance of acting skills to the SNL stage.

The Musical Guest:

Accompanying Garfield on the episode of SNL was the musical guest, Coldplay. The band performed their hit songs and added an extra level of entertainment to the show.


Andrew Garfield’s appearance on SNL during the 39th season was a memorable one. With his comedic timing and ability to embrace various roles, he proved to be an excellent host for the popular sketch comedy show.

The sketches he participated in showcased his talent and added to the overall success of the season. As fans eagerly await future seasons of SNL, they will always remember Andrew Garfield’s contribution to the 39th season.