What Season Did Anne Hathaway Host SNL?

Are you a fan of Anne Hathaway? Have you ever wondered what season she hosted Saturday Night Live (SNL)?

Well, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll dive into the details of when Anne Hathaway took the stage as the host of SNL.

The Season

Anne Hathaway hosted SNL during the 34th season of the show. This was a notable season as it aired from September 13, 2008, to May 16, 2009, and featured some iconic episodes and memorable moments.

Anne Hathaway’s Episode

Anne’s episode aired on November 8, 2008. She brought her charm and wit to the show and delivered an unforgettable performance. Her episode featured various skits and musical performances that left the audience entertained throughout.

Skits and Highlights

One of the most memorable skits from Anne Hathaway’s episode was “The Lawrence Welk Show.” In this hilarious skit, Anne played a nun named Sister Peg who had an unusual talent for singing classic songs with a twist. Her comedic timing and remarkable singing skills made this skit a fan favorite.

Another standout moment was when Anne joined forces with Andy Samberg in one of their popular digital shorts, titled “Booty Call.” This humorous music video parody showcased their chemistry and comedic genius.

Musical Performances

In addition to her hosting duties, Anne also showcased her musical talents during her episode. She performed two musical numbers: “Happy Days Are Here Again” and “Get Happy.” These performances demonstrated her versatility as an entertainer and added a touch of elegance to the show.


Anne Hathaway’s appearance as the host of SNL during the 34th season left a lasting impact. Her charismatic presence and comedic talent made her episode one to remember. Fans eagerly await her potential return to the SNL stage in the future.


In conclusion, Anne Hathaway hosted SNL during the 34th season, specifically on November 8, 2008. Her episode was filled with laughter, memorable skits, and impressive musical performances. Anne’s charm and talent continue to make her a beloved figure in the entertainment industry.