What Roles Has Andrew Garfield?

Andrew Garfield is a British-American actor who has played a variety of roles throughout his career. Let’s take a closer look at some of the notable characters he has portrayed:

The Amazing Spider-Man

One of Garfield’s most iconic roles is that of Peter Parker, also known as Spider-Man. In the 2012 film “The Amazing Spider-Man,” Garfield brought a new depth and vulnerability to the beloved superhero. His portrayal was praised for capturing the character’s intelligence, wit, and inner turmoil.

Gwen Stacy

In “The Amazing Spider-Man” series, Garfield’s Peter Parker develops a romantic relationship with Gwen Stacy, played by Emma Stone. The chemistry between Garfield and Stone was undeniable, adding an emotional layer to their on-screen dynamic. Gwen Stacy’s character was not only Peter Parker’s love interest but also a strong and independent individual.

Hacksaw Ridge

In the 2016 war drama “Hacksaw Ridge,” directed by Mel Gibson, Garfield took on the role of Desmond Doss. Doss was a real-life World War II medic who served during the Battle of Okinawa. Garfield’s performance earned critical acclaim, showcasing his ability to bring depth and humanity to complex characters.

Desmond Doss’ Values

Garfield skillfully portrayed Doss as a man driven by his convictions and faith. The character stood out for his refusal to carry weapons due to his religious beliefs, yet he proved himself as one of the bravest soldiers on the battlefield.

Social Network

In the 2010 film “The Social Network,” directed by David Fincher, Garfield played Eduardo Saverin, co-founder of Facebook alongside Mark Zuckerberg. Garfield’s performance captured the complexities of Saverin’s character, showcasing his journey from a close friend and business partner to a betrayed individual.

Eduardo Saverin’s Struggles

Garfield portrayed Saverin as an ambitious and loyal friend who faced personal and legal battles as his relationship with Zuckerberg deteriorated. His performance added depth to the narrative, highlighting the emotional toll of entrepreneurship and friendship.

Under the Silver Lake

In David Robert Mitchell’s 2018 neo-noir film “Under the Silver Lake,” Garfield played Sam, a disenchanted young man who embarks on a surreal journey through Los Angeles. Garfield’s portrayal captured Sam’s curiosity and obsession as he unraveled a mysterious conspiracy.

The Enigma of Sam

Garfield brought an enigmatic quality to Sam, making the character both relatable and mysterious. His performance added intrigue to the film, keeping audiences engaged as they followed Sam’s quest for answers.

Andrew Garfield has showcased his versatility as an actor through these diverse roles. From embodying iconic superheroes to portraying real-life heroes and complex individuals, Garfield continues to captivate audiences with his talent and dedication to his craft.