What Piercings Does Zendaya Have?

What Piercings Does Zendaya Have?

Zendaya is a popular American actress, singer, and fashion icon known for her impeccable style. With her unique fashion choices, she has become a trendsetter for many young people around the world.

In addition to her stunning outfits and hairstyles, Zendaya also has several piercings that add to her overall edgy look. Let’s take a closer look at the piercings Zendaya has and how she rocks them with confidence.

Ear Piercings

One of the most notable aspects of Zendaya’s piercing collection is her ear piercings. She has multiple earlobe piercings on each ear, allowing her to experiment with various earring styles.

Whether it’s delicate studs or statement hoops, Zendaya knows how to accessorize her ears in a way that complements her outfit perfectly.

In addition to the standard earlobe piercings, Zendaya also sports a cartilage piercing on one of her ears. This type of piercing is located higher on the ear and adds an extra level of uniqueness to her overall ear jewelry arrangement.

Nose Piercing

Zendaya also rocks a nose piercing that further enhances her cool-girl image. Her simple yet elegant nose stud perfectly suits her face shape and adds a touch of sophistication to her appearance.

Whether she opts for a tiny gem or a classic silver stud, Zendaya’s nose piercing always adds an element of intrigue to her look.

Body Piercings

While most of Zendaya’s piercings are located on the ears and nose, she also has other body piercings that are less visible but equally stylish. Although not often seen in public, Zendaya reportedly has a belly button piercing, which she occasionally reveals when wearing crop tops or bikinis.

This hidden piercing adds a hint of mystery and rebelliousness to her overall aesthetic.

Tips for Getting Piercings

If you’re inspired by Zendaya’s bold piercings and are considering getting some of your own, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Research reputable piercing studios in your area.
  • Consult with a professional piercer to discuss placement and aftercare.
  • Follow proper aftercare instructions to ensure proper healing.
  • Start with simple piercings before trying more adventurous ones.
  • Choose jewelry that matches your personal style and comfort level.

Remember, getting a piercing is a personal choice, so make sure you’re fully informed and ready for the commitment before going ahead. Zendaya’s piercings serve as an inspiration for many, but it’s essential to find the style that suits you best.

In conclusion, Zendaya’s piercings add an extra edge to her already incredible sense of style. From her earlobe and cartilage piercings to her nose and belly button piercings, she knows how to rock them all with confidence.

If you’re considering getting piercings of your own, take inspiration from Zendaya but remember to do thorough research and consult professionals for the best results. Happy piercing!