What Nicki Minaj Song Did Taylor Swift Tweet About?

Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift are two immensely popular artists in the music industry. They have both achieved great success individually, but their paths have crossed on more than one occasion. One such instance was when Taylor Swift tweeted about a Nicki Minaj song, creating quite a buzz among their fans.

The Tweet That Started It All

In July 2015, Taylor Swift took to Twitter to express her admiration for Nicki Minaj’s hit song “Anaconda.” The tweet read, “Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ is the sickest song out there right now.

So obsessed. #RapQueen.” This tweet instantly caught the attention of both Nicki and Taylor’s fans, as it showcased their mutual appreciation for each other’s music.

Nicki’s Response

Nicki Minaj was quick to respond to Taylor Swift’s tweet with gratitude and excitement. She replied, “Wow! I’m honored, Taylor!

Thank you so much for the kind words. Love your music too!.” This interaction between the two megastars sparked a wave of positivity among their fan bases and highlighted the importance of supporting fellow artists in the industry.

The Impact on Fans

Taylor Swift’s tweet about “Anaconda” had a significant impact on both Nicki Minaj and her fans. The shoutout from someone as influential as Taylor helped elevate the visibility of the song and brought it to the attention of a broader audience. It also served as an example of how artists can support and uplift each other through simple gestures like social media shoutouts.

Creating Unity Among Artists

The exchange between Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj showcased that even though they may have different musical styles, they can still appreciate each other’s work. It was a moment that highlighted the importance of unity among artists and the power they hold in shaping the music industry.

Encouraging Positive Interactions

Taylor Swift’s tweet about “Anaconda” also encouraged fans to engage in positive interactions with artists. It reminded fans that supporting their favorite musicians doesn’t mean they have to pit them against each other. Instead, it emphasized the value of celebrating diversity and recognizing talent across various genres.


Taylor Swift’s tweet about Nicki Minaj’s song “Anaconda” was a testament to the bond that can exist between artists, transcending musical boundaries. It showcased the power of social media in connecting artists and their fans, while also promoting unity and positivity within the music industry.

This interaction serves as a reminder for everyone to appreciate and respect different genres of music, fostering an environment where all artists can thrive.