What Key Is Money by Cardi B In?

Have you ever wondered what key the popular song “Money” by Cardi B is in? Well, you’re in luck because we’re going to dive into it right now!

The Key of “Money”

Before we reveal the key of “Money,” let’s quickly recap what a key actually means in music. In simple terms, a key refers to a specific set of pitches or notes that form the foundation of a song. It determines the overall tonality and mood of the music.

Now, getting back to “Money” by Cardi B, this infectious hip-hop track is actually in the key of C# minor. The C# minor scale consists of the following notes:

  • C#
  • D#
  • E
  • F#
  • G#
  • A
  • B

By using these specific notes within the song, Cardi B creates a dark and intense vibe that perfectly complements her fierce lyrics and confident delivery.

The Importance of Knowing the Key

Knowing the key of a song can be incredibly helpful for musicians and music enthusiasts alike. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Transposing: If you want to play “Money” on a different instrument or in a different range, knowing its key allows you to transpose it accordingly. For example, if you’re playing on a guitar and find C# minor difficult, you can easily transpose it to another key that suits your playing level.
  • Harmonizing: Understanding the key helps musicians create harmonies and chords that complement the melody.

    By knowing the key of “Money,” you can experiment with different chord progressions and add your own unique touch to the song.

  • Analyzing: When studying music theory or analyzing a song, knowing the key provides a valuable starting point. You can identify patterns, chord progressions, and other musical elements more easily once you know the key.


In conclusion, “Money” by Cardi B is in the key of C# minor. Understanding the key of a song allows musicians to transpose it, create harmonies, and analyze its musical elements more effectively. So next time you listen to “Money,” pay attention to how Cardi B’s choice of key contributes to the overall vibe of the track!