What Jordans Was Nicki Minaj Wearing for Anaconda?

When Nicki Minaj released her hit single “Anaconda” in 2014, it wasn’t just the catchy lyrics and provocative music video that caught everyone’s attention. The bold and unique fashion choices made by the rap queen also became a hot topic of discussion. One particular element of her wardrobe that had sneakerheads buzzing was the pair of Jordans she sported in the video.

The Iconic Air Jordan 6 Retro

Nicki Minaj can be seen wearing a striking pair of Air Jordan 6 Retro sneakers throughout the “Anaconda” music video. These sneakers, originally released by Nike in 1991, have become an iconic Silhouette in the world of basketball shoes.

The Air Jordan 6 Retro features a sleek design with a combination of leather and synthetic materials for superior durability. The shoe’s upper is predominantly black with vibrant accents that add a pop of color to its overall aesthetic.

Notable Design Features

  • The most eye-catching feature of these Jordans is undoubtedly the infrared detailing on the midsole and heel tab. This vibrant red hue contrasts perfectly with the black upper, making it stand out.
  • The tongue of the shoe showcases a Jumpman logo, which is one of the most recognizable symbols associated with the Air Jordan brand.
  • Another unique design element is the translucent outsole, adding an extra touch of style to these already fashionable sneakers.

Jordan Brand Collaboration with Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has always been known for her bold fashion choices, and her collaboration with Jordan Brand for “Anaconda” was no exception. While these specific Air Jordan 6 Retros were not a custom design made exclusively for Nicki, her choice to wear them in the video undoubtedly brought them into the spotlight.

The Impact on Sneaker Culture

The “Anaconda” music video and Nicki Minaj’s fashion statement helped popularize the Air Jordan 6 Retro among a wider audience. Sneaker enthusiasts and fans of Nicki alike wanted to get their hands on these iconic kicks, leading to increased demand and a surge in sales.

In Conclusion

Nicki Minaj’s fashion choices have always been talked about, and her selection of the Air Jordan 6 Retro for the “Anaconda” music video added another layer of excitement to an already iconic shoe. The bold design features of these Jordans, combined with Nicki’s confident style, created a visual spectacle that resonated with fans around the world.

Whether you’re a fan of Nicki Minaj or simply appreciate stylish sneakers, it’s hard to deny the impact that this collaboration had on sneaker culture. The Air Jordan 6 Retro will forever be associated with one of Nicki’s most memorable music videos, solidifying its place in both fashion history and the hearts of sneaker enthusiasts everywhere.