What Jacket Does Andrew Garfield Wear in the Amazing Spiderman?

Have you ever wondered what jacket Andrew Garfield wears in the Amazing Spiderman movies? Well, you’re in luck! In this article, we will take a closer look at the iconic jacket that Garfield’s character, Peter Parker, dons as he swings through the streets of New York City.

The Jacket:

The jacket worn by Andrew Garfield in the Amazing Spiderman series is a black leather motorcycle jacket. This stylish piece of outerwear not only adds to Peter Parker’s cool and edgy look but also serves as functional protection during his adventurous crime-fighting endeavors.


This black leather jacket features several elements that make it stand out. It has a sleek and slim fit, accentuating Garfield’s physique and giving him a streamlined appearance while swinging through the city. The jacket also boasts a double-breasted front zipper closure, adding to its rugged appeal.

Bold Design:

One notable aspect of this jacket is its bold design. It showcases silver metal studs on the collar and shoulders, which give it an extra touch of attitude. Additionally, there are zippered pockets on both sides of the chest and waist, offering both style and functionality for Parker to store his essentials while on patrol.


This leather jacket is crafted from high-quality materials that ensure its durability and longevity. The tough yet supple leather provides protection against scrapes and abrasions, making it ideal for intense action sequences.


The versatility of this black leather motorcycle jacket is another reason why it perfectly suits Andrew Garfield’s portrayal of Spiderman. It effortlessly transitions from Peter Parker’s everyday attire to his crime-fighting outfit. Whether he’s in school or swinging through the city, this jacket complements his character’s overall look.


The black leather motorcycle jacket worn by Andrew Garfield in the Amazing Spiderman series is a stylish and functional piece of outerwear. Its sleek design, bold elements, durability, and versatility make it the perfect choice for Peter Parker’s crime-fighting escapades. So, if you’re looking to channel your inner web-slinger, consider adding a similar black leather motorcycle jacket to your wardrobe!