What Is the Lawsuit With Tasha K and Cardi B?

What Is the Lawsuit With Tasha K and Cardi B?

In recent news, a highly publicized lawsuit has emerged involving popular YouTuber Tasha K and renowned rapper Cardi B. The lawsuit revolves around allegations made by Tasha K against Cardi B, accusing her of defamation and conspiracy.

Let’s dive into the details and understand what this legal battle is all about.

The Background Story

Tasha K, whose real name is Latasha Kebe, is a prominent figure in the YouTube commentary community. She rose to fame by sharing gossip and insider information about celebrities, particularly those in the music industry.

Cardi B, on the other hand, needs no introduction – she’s a Grammy-winning artist known for hits like “Bodak Yellow” and “I Like It.”

The tension between Tasha K and Cardi B began when Tasha K started making videos alleging that Cardi B was involved in criminal activities prior to her rise to fame. These videos garnered significant attention, with millions of views and widespread discussion across social media platforms.

The Allegations

Tasha K claimed that she had reliable sources who provided her with information about Cardi B’s involvement in illegal activities such as prostitution and drugging men for robbery purposes during her time as a stripper. These allegations were not taken lightly by Cardi B, who vehemently denied them.

Cardi B responded by filing a lawsuit against Tasha K for defamation. She argued that these false accusations had caused harm to her reputation, career, and personal life.

The legal battle intensified as both parties sought justice through the court system.

The Conspiracy Accusation

On top of the defamation claim, Cardi B also accused Tasha K of conspiring with other individuals to spread false information about her. This added another layer of complexity to the lawsuit, as it suggested a coordinated effort to tarnish Cardi B’s image.

Cardi B alleged that Tasha K was working in collaboration with bloggers and social media influencers who had a personal vendetta against her. The rapper claimed that these individuals deliberately spread false rumors and manipulated public opinion against her.

The Legal Battle

As the lawsuit unfolds, both Tasha K and Cardi B have enlisted legal teams to represent them in court. The case is expected to involve extensive investigations, witness testimonies, and examination of evidence.

It will ultimately be up to the courts to determine the truth behind the allegations and assign liability if necessary.


The lawsuit between Tasha K and Cardi B is a high-profile legal battle that has captured the attention of both fans and critics alike. Accusations of defamation and conspiracy have been thrown around, adding layers of complexity to the case.

As the legal proceedings progress, it remains to be seen how this controversy will unfold and what impact it will have on both parties involved.